Tom Coburn: “The only way to fix Washington is to have a Convention of the States and limit their power”

It turns out that Senator Tom Coburn is a big supporter of Mark Levin’s new book The Liberty Amendments. When asked last night about this new 1000 plus page spending bill and the fact that the Senate will vote on it before anyone gets a chance to read it, Sen. Tom Coburn told Mark Levin that you can’t prevent this stuff from happening because all we have is a bunch of career politicians who only care about getting reelected. He says the only way to fix Washington is for the states to convene a Convention of the States and limit their power, something he definitely supports.


Below is Mark Levin’s full interview of Tom Coburn where he talks about the hundreds of billions we could cut right now without anyone really noticing if it weren’t for Harry Reid and Obama, who he hammers pretty hard:

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