Tom Cotton keeps hitting Democrats with TRUTH over Kavanaugh

Tom Cotton has been busy hitting Democrats with doses of reality in the last 24 hours as they seek to move the goalposts on this FBI background investigation, now claiming that it’s too limited and is turning into a farce.

His latest tweet this morning was making a point about the absurdity of this new background investigation:

Exactly. There’s no way they missed this because it’s not a thing. As Matt Walsh put it a few minutes ago…

Even the FBI doesn’t care about that.

Yesterday Cotton hit Feinstein for her criticism of the new background investigation:


The audacity of Feinstein trying to lecture anyone after what she and her staff put Kavanaugh and Ford through just shows how corrupt they really are.

Cotton also retweeted Grassley hitting back at Senate Democrats calling the new background investigation a farce:

That about sums it up.

Lastly, this was a couple of days ago, but I just couldn’t finish this article without posting it:

HERE HERE! I totally agree.

The only reason there’s an FBI investigation in the first place is because the Senate has a big FLAKE for a Republican forcing us down this rabbit hole.

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