Tom Cotton TROLLS the New York Times after his op-ed triggered staffers so much they are holding a “town-hall” for employees to complain about it!

The sky is falling over at the New York Times.

Earlier we reported on how Tom Cotton had done a number on the left with his “Send in the Troops” op-ed in yesterday’s opinion section of the New York Times. We already reported on some of the outrage people like AOC and her socialist buddies.

But staffers at the Times were also livid about the op-ed. The Times notes that “hundreds of staff members signed a letter protesting” the publication of Cotton’s op-ed and that “conversation and debate filled videoconference meetings for many newsroom departments on Thursday.”

The paper claims that the op-ed ‘review’ process was rushed and that “James Bennet, the editor in charge of the opinion section, said in a meeting with staff members that he had not read the essay before it was published.”

At the top of the article it plainly says “Senator Tom Cotton’s “Send In the Troops” essay is now under review.”

But that’s not all. The Times is actually going to hold a town-hall at the paper tomorrow “to allow employees to express their concerns to company leaders” which will include “Dean Baquet, the executive editor” and “Mr. Bennet, the editorial page editor.”

Utterly amazing.

All Tom Cotton did was suggest using the military to back police departments up in order to stop the rioting and looting. He was clear about it in the op-ed. But the NY Times got it completely wrong in this triggered article making excuses for why they allowed it to be posted. It begins this way:

Executives at The New York Times scrambled on Thursday to address the concerns of employees and readers who were angered by the newspaper’s publication of an opinion essay by a United States senator calling for the federal government to send the military to suppress protests against police violence in American cities.

No, no, no! He never called for suppressing protests. The Times even quotes directly from the op-ed in this very article, saying:

The Op-Ed, posted on the Times website Wednesday, carried the headline “Send In the Troops.” It was written by Tom Cotton, Republican of Arkansas. “One thing above all else will restore order to our streets: an overwhelming show of force to disperse, detain and ultimately deter lawbreakers,” the senator wrote.

He’s talking about lawbreakers, not protesters. This is just plain idiocy or spin from the Times to portray it falsely like this.

As I was writing this post, Tom Cotton began hilariously trolling the New York Times from his Twitter account:

Cotton also retweeted this from Slate with a big smile on his face:

And lastly, Cotton pummeled the Times in an epic tweet about a previous Times op-ed by the Taliban:

Wow. Cotton just dropped the mic and walked away like a complete badass.

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