Tons of American truckers are about to make their own anti-mandate convoy to DC

Inspired by the good truckers of our Canadian neighbor, American Truckers are planning their own anti-mandate convoy to DC and it will apparently begin soon:

DAILY CALLER – Thousands of American Truckers plan to take part in a nation-wide convoy to protest COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

U.S. truckers are planning the convoy after 50,000 Canadian truckers made their way to Ottawa in protest of their own country’s mandate. The U.S. truckers will drive from California to Washington D.C.

According to the Facebook group “Convoy to DC 2022,” created to organize the protest, the truckers describe themselves as “part of many large groups who believe in our founding fathers.” The group has more than 95,000 members as of Monday.

“We believe everyone has a voice. We support our freedom. Help us spread the word about this group and together we all can make it a better place.. God Bless America,” the Facebook group says.

If American truckers do not get vaccinated against COVID-19, they will not be allowed to cross the Canadian and Mexican land borders, KARK reported.

Canadian truckers made their way to Ottawa earlier in January, and are currently in the capital city protesting the mandate. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has left Ottawa and reportedly moved to an undisclosed location since the protesters’ arrival due to “safety concerns.”

Although a date has not been set for the “Convoy to DC” yet, the Facebook group said the protest will begin soon.

As of the timing of this post, the “Convoy to DC 2022” now has over 137.2K members.

Ron DeSantis threw his support behind the convoy this afternoon, tweeting out “Truck Yeah” with his signature:

It will be interesting to see if Biden and the Democrats react with the same disdain and contempt for American truckers, in an election year no doubt, as did Trudeau for Canadian truckers in his convoy. Clearly these truckers have the support of many Americans and they will all be watching.

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