TONS of bikers show up in Waco to PROTEST continued jailing, police harassment

Geez everyone is protesting!! Despite “Black Lives Matter” idiots saying that police never harass white people, a bunch of bikers are protesting in Waco saying that they are harassed by cops all the time and that it’s gotten worse since the fatal shootings weeks ago. Also they’re upset that the arrested bikers continue to be jailed.

That guy is not a gang member.

Watch below:

I’m a little confused as to what this guy’s point was – should bikers who were involved in the deaths of nine people not be imprisoned? And what signs is he talking about? Are there restaurants restricting bikers from entering their premises, and if so, doesn’t it seem like that’s a wise course of action after nine people were murdered in a biker shootout? He doesn’t represent his positions very well. Then again, I wouldn’t put it past the media to slice up his interview to make him appear incoherent.

More from CTV News:

Several hundred bikers have protested outside a courthouse in Waco over the continued jailing of more than 100 bikers, friends and family members three weeks after a deadly shootout at a restaurant.

Bikers proclaimed their constitutional rights and held signs Sunday outside the McLennan County courthouse.

The protest was organized by the Dallas chapter of the Sons of Liberty motorcycle club. Bikers circled the jail and detention centre twice before parking in front of the courthouse.

The Confederation of Clubs and Independents urged members in an email to avoid the protest so as not to “exacerbate what is already a highly charged” situation. That group is the one that organized the May 17 meeting at a roadside restaurant that ended in gunfire.

I’ve heard lots of conspiracy theories ranging from those having to do with Jade Helm and blaming the CIA for staging a false flag operation! I dunno. These don’t seem like the Boy Scouts of bikers, and from what I saw of local law enforcement officials, it seemed unlikely that they were secret dupes working directly under the tyrannical thumb of Barack Hussein Obama.

Here are a bunch of vines and pics from a local reporter:

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