TOO FAR: Facebook just banned a conservative with NO explanation whatsoever!

Earlier today we reported on Facebook banning Alex Jones from Instagram, which they own. They’d already banned Jones from Facebook in the fall of last year.

Well now Facebook has banned Paul Joseph Watson without even an explanation:

I believe Paul Watson Jones has worked with Infowars in the past, so that may have something to do with Facebook’s rationale.

But even so, well known conservatives are vouching for him, suggesting he’s not a crazy loon or conspiracy theorist by any stretch. And they are saying this is flat out censorship:

Facebook wants us to believe that they are a neutral public forum and they want the protections that come with such a designation. Yet they are clearly censoring certain people they disagree with, justifying it by suggesting they are hate groups.

Pretty soon, all of us will be thrown into that category for one reason or another. It might be our unflinching stance against homosexuality or abortion that gets us thrown off these platforms. Or it might be because we are Christian. Who knows.

The trend is certainly headed the wrong direction with this.

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