‘TOTALLY ATROCIOUS!’ – Reagan’s Russian interpreter SLAPS Democrats over Putin

In a very interesting interview with Ronnie Reagan’s interpreter for his meetings with the Russians, Dimitry Zarechnak completely slammed the idea from the Democrats to subpoena Trump’s interpreters in order to find out what he said to Putin.

He talks about the idea at about the 4 minute mark:

He completely shuts down the idea, and for very good reason. If they did this, then NO president could EVER trust that his private conversations with any world leader would stay private!! It’s just insane and stupid and shows the lengths to which Dems will go just to undermine Trump.

Now I’ll admit, I’m very concerned with what Trump told Putin in private, I would have preferred he STOPS having private meetings with despotic world leaders. But he did it. The Democrats’ “remedy” is worse than the thing they’re trying to solve. Idiots.

The first part of the video is very interesting – Zarechnak explains the process of interpretation and how he would take notes during the meetings. It’s also funny to watch how the CNN host doesn’t get the simple math he’s telling her about the length of speech in their meetings. Dolt.

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