Totally INSANE claim from Marie Harf: Portland ‘didn’t look like this UNTIL’ Trump sent in ‘troops’

If you’ve ever wanted to contemplate terrifying close calls, just remember the time that Marie Harf had a position of power and influence in America’s State Department. Sends a chill right down your spine.

Now a liberal commentator on Fox News, Harf’s job is apparently to say the dumbest thing on shows like Outnumbered so everyone has something they can laugh at. Except it isn’t really funny, it’s still scary, because how she thinks is how so many liberals do. And it’s completely insane.

In the below clip, she burps up the following cliche lib media-isms: the protests are mostly peaceful, it’s not specific to Democrat-led cities, and the contradictory one that violence goes up and down and this is just a made up political theater.

But Harf added some extra icing to the cake:

“The streets of Portland didn’t look like this. The streets of Portland didn’t look like this until President Trump sent in federal troops who were anonymous. They don’t have their names on, that’s what anonymous means and had them arresting them with no due process in rented vans.”

They didn’t look like this until Trump MADE them look like this.

This is woman is a whole mess of charcoal short of a full barbecue.

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