TRAIN WRECK: Rep. Bobby Rush tries to defend Trayvon Martin on Hannity

Bobby Rush was on Hannity tonight with Steven King to discuss the DOJ going after George Zimmerman, however I’m not sure that Bobby Rush ever commented on it. He kept making arguments about the case that weren’t remotely tied to the facts and then at one point had the audacity to accuse Hannity of conjecture.

What’s funny is that Steve King summed up Bobby Rush’s position quite well at the very end of the interview:

What happened was a young Hispanic man shot a black man in self defense, was tried by a jury of women and somehow Bobby Rush thinks it’s a white man’s fault.

Yep, that’s pretty much dead on.


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221 thoughts on “TRAIN WRECK: Rep. Bobby Rush tries to defend Trayvon Martin on Hannity

  1. OK – major kudos to Sean Hannity here to not just break out laughing at this drunken racist fool.  OMG!  Come on people of Illinois.  Put this ignorant coot out to pasture.

  2. That was the best comedy I have seen in a long time.  When ever I get down I am going to watch videos of Bobby Rush to get a good laugh.

  3. Talk about racism. If the Martin perp was white, then Rep Rush wouldn’t have opened his mouth and neither would anyone else. Rolls eyes.

  4. After that interview, he should put his hoody back on and wear it  backwards to hide his face.  Who the hell elects these sub-morons to Congress?

  5. Bobby Rush confuses evidence with revenge. A juror is supposed to consider only the evidence at trial, not their own personal past hurts.

  6. So dumb and he still breathes!  How is it possible?
    Democrat Plantation dwellers will vote for anything that pushes a race narrative.

  7. The intelligence level of these elected “leaders” (Bobby Rush in this case) is embarrassing.  He speaks with a mush mouth and it seems as those the wheels aren’t spinning very fast in his mind.

  8. And the best bit of trivia about Bobby Rush… He was the victor in the only election loss of Barack Obama!

  9. Oh.
    This barely literate buffoon is an elected U.S. Congressmen? Is it any wonder that the black community is in the state that it’s in when they elect men of this mouse-gun caliber to represent them?

  10. Rep. Rush gives me hope if I ever want to run for Congress since apparently anyone, and I do mean anyone, can be elected.  He is an pertinent example of why there is so little confidence/trust in Congress and I don’t think it will improve anytime soon.

    1. Army_Pilot1967 Army_Pilot1967 You would have to suffer severe brain damage to be that stupid. Although I did think he was more intelligent than Maxine Waters or Sheila Jackson-Lee or  Frederica Wilson {the moron that dresses up as a cowgirl}.

  11. my oh my… who the heck voted this moron into office(Rush)..he sounds drunk of high on crack …

  12. We all know that there are millions of black people in this country
    who respect the rule of law, the EVIDENCE, and the jurors.  Many of
    them, though saddened at the loss of Trayvon’s life, agreed that the
    system worked.  Unfortunately, they are not the loudest voices and are
    dismissed or shouted down.

    I believe that they are proud AMERICANS who would
    not want to see a Hispanic etc, who was DEFENDING himself, incarcerated or “hunted down like a ‘rabid dog” for the rest of his life.The ‘rabid dogs’ are on the hunt…and they’re out for blood…..or votes or money….or something…

    1. standbesideherUSA Completely agree. They are out shouted by the rabid mob who get all the publicity. Oh the publicity! As the older woman said in the movie: The Woman with Joan Crawford

  13. Wow the idiocy. It burns. Just play that babble to anyone and they will say, “THAT is a Representative??”

  14. Given the fact that Obama inserted himself into this case against Zimmerman very early on, (to his utter disgrace), it would be inconceivable that Hispanics would even consider voting for more democrats in 2014.  With more power, Obama  will do NOTHING for THEM, or anyone else.

    And, the fact that the DOJ, Department of ‘JUST US’ (the heck with all of you white-hispanics, apparently) continuing this fiasco, is so racially biased  in nature that it defies all common sense.  
    What about the story about the 2 black teens who shot a mother and her helpless baby in his stroller for MONEY?  
    WHO is shouting out for that 13 month-old child?  WHERE IS THE DOJ ON THIS HORRIFIC CASE??????  
    Nowhere to be found…

    1. SwTkthe1 Was Bobby Rush the person endorsed by REV. JJ over the other candidate BH Obama  because he claimed Obama wasn’t Black enough to represent this district in Chicago?.

  15. Bobby Rush said ‘there was evidence that Trayvon Martin was dead’???
    It was the only thing he said that was true.
    What a MORON!  God help us all….

  16. This is insane, B.R. is not current on facts as related to this case,
    he like A.S., J.J. & et al… is yet another race baiter!!! G.Z.
    –  if further persecuted will be a victim of a terrible in-justice, as
    pointed out, this becomes double jeopardy and is a gross violation of
    ALL of the tenets of the “rule” of law and true justice.

    1. deathmask  
      There were plenty of ‘useful idiot’ whites shouting for justice for Trayvon after the verdict…..

  17. I have never seen a congressman look as stupid as this guy. It was painful to watch. That is what dumb citizens in this country are elective to office today. When is Kim Kardashian going to run for office?

    1. temrich  the main talking head was definitely “on” something – liperalism!!!! This “disease” kills all logic, rationality, active reality, and leaves only 1/2 of a living brain cell to monitor and control the “warm body!”

      1. John G57 temrich No…seriously this guy is not normal. I’m not trying to be mean in any way, but he isn’t normal.

        1. temrich John G57 Michael Savage says liberalism is a mental disorder.  It really, truly is.  Seriously, there has to be something wrong, mentally, with people that think this way.

  18. Rush gives a  typical response of his distorted interpretation of the facts and truth. This is the kind of rhetoric that is fueling this witch hunt orchestrated by the likes of the NAACP, Sharpton, Jackson and Rush, himself. Rush is a poor representation for our country and the people of Illinois.

  19. I think I posted it here yesterday.  Every night Hannity makes the mistake of arguing the facts with people who don’t care about facts.
    It’s a waste of time to have liberal guests.

    1. CalCoolidge I tried to watch this last night, but the mumbling, rambling incoherency and complete divorce from factual reality was killing me.
      I stopped watching Hannity a while ago, for similar reasons. Hannity has on every idiot liberal, and every idiot liberal’s ideas and “facts” self-destruct right in front of him, but Hannity misses the opportunity to spank the ideas and just launches into his talking points.
      If I want to watch a show filled with unsubstantiated facts and empty rhetoric, I could watch CNN, MSNBC, or any other media outlet.
      At 9 PM, I go to FBN, on Direct TV it’s only one channel down 🙂 I also Tivo Mr. Dobbs religiously. I’m a huge fan of Lou Dobbs.

      1. DarrellGriffin CalCoolidge I came to this realization watching Hannity/Colmes during the 2004 election.  Hannity would always try to get a basis of discussion by getting the liberal first to agree to some simple common sense premise in simple yes/no form.  In probably hundreds of interviews, I never saw one give a straight answer to a simple question.
        I do think there is something of a more effective approach to this.  When they squawk racism, I think, “So what.” is pretty good response.  If you jump on the head of the KKK or the head of the NAACP and start pummeling them, they have the right to self defense. 
        I think the whole civil rights scam is based on the expectation that yelling racism will generate a return on investment.

      2. DarrellGriffin CalCoolidge  with all things considered, I wonder just how much control over content that Hannity actually has…. Can he be classified as “controlled opposition?” and if he started actually varying from the script end up like G.B. – unemployed?

    2. CalCoolidge Exactly!  It’s useless to state facts as your case.  What you end up doing is just confusing the mentally retarded liberal man with the facts.

  20. Can we agree that our collective intelligence has reached the bottom of the barrel.  We have put in positions of authority over us the most stupid and bigoted of our society.  Including the progs and commies of WH fame.  They have allowed (even promoted) our country to be overrun with debt, aliens, and thugs.  “We the people” had better get our collective head out of you know where.

  21. On another note, did we prove beyond a reasonable that Trayvon paid for the Skittles and the soft drink?

    1. MiltonBassHayek  
      Funny you should mention that. I read somewhere (I read a lot), that there was no record of a transaction for those products in the time frame when Martin would have been there. Can’t substantiate it though.

    2. MiltonBassHayek Yes he did.  Some food for thought though, his purchase was put into a plastic bag.  After the incident the purchase was found in his hoodie pouch.  Did he put them there to free up both of his hand to prepare for a fight?

  22. Bobby Rush needs a protein shake and a prescription for Namenda, with unlimited refills, stat!

  23. Bobby Rush, WTF is that?  Illinois public schools?  Jantel’s uncle?
    Scary.  What happened to him?

    1. ellebb Rush must have been edumacated in Chicago schools.  He is either retarded or he was drunk on Hannity last night.  That was PAINFUL!

    1. Skylark57 Nothing could be more embarrassing.  I would love to see this guy on the campaign trail every two years.  Sad night on Hannity last night.

    2. Skylark57 Unfortunately this is not an exclusive case of a moron being elected to a public office and then becoming somewhat a “fixture” in WDC… If you look at the overall congressional makeup the morons out number the “smart” one about 15 to 1… Enuf said?

  24. I just couldn’t listen to Rush. Almost fell asleep. Can he list any dead victims of gun violence, mostly black on black crime, in Chicago? Please do a internet search for “The Color of Crime” and read the statistics.

    1. fireme  
      WOW…wonder how much of the scotch bottle is left, he was either drunk or severely impaired on drugs…….the kicker is he is a rep from the great state of Illinois…….you can’t make this up.

    2. fireme Fall asleep, that was one of the best comedy routines I have seen in a long time.  Watching Hannity’s face and King’s face was worth a thousand words.  This was worse than Congressman Johnson questioning a Rear Admiral about the possibility of Guam tipping over due to excessive military presence.

  25. A little bit of a hint to you Democrats.  By helping elect blacks that are this stupid, you are giving blacks a bad name.  He’s not the only one, either.  There are lots of smart blacks out there and you choose to elect the dumbest ones you can find.  Is this the image you want America to have of blacks so you can keep using them as pawns?   You know, how you say blacks are too stupid to get a driver’s license.  They’re too stupid to fairly earn their way into prestigious colleges so you force colleges to let them in through diversity even if they don’t qualify.  You force businesses to contract out to minority businesses even if the minority business can’t do the work required….because blacks just can’t do it on their own.
    White liberals do more to destroy the black community than any other influence.

  26. Bobby Rush….you have got to be kidding me.  Another black representative with the brains of a cockroach.  I am not insulting blacks, but I am insulting the intelligence of some of the representatives they vote into office.  This guy isn’t any smarter than Maxine Waters.  He danced around, never answered the question, and he didn’t have a clue what he was talking about.  “He could have broken his nose when he surrounded Trayvon and grabbed Trayvon”.  Gee, I kinda don’t remember that being evidence in the case or having been witnessed.  What was witnessed this idiot calls conjecture, and what wasn’t witnessed and doesn’t have any evidence to back it up he wants to use convict Zimmerman.
    People, this is who we have running this country.  G-d help us.

  27. As if you needed further evidence the Obama Regime got to Roger Ailes, look at the Hannity and O’Reilly guest lists.  ‘Nuff said.

      1. terpsez11 Matt2Matt Every night Hannity proves again and again, there is no point in talking with libs; same willful blindness.

    1. Matt2Matt  
      Matt, think about this for a minute. 
      If Hannity hadn’t put this ‘mental giant’ on his show, would you know anything about him? Would a link to this character have ended up here? Would you know this is a former Black Panther because ‘Jazzee’ pointed out to me that this old, senile, fart and the Black Panther of long ago were one in the same?
      There’s a method to what seems to be ‘Fox News’ madness, that’s why Roger Ailes is making mega bucks by creating the ‘Fair and Balanced’ (and highest rated) cable news network ever.
       😉 😉

    1. od3214  
      Because when he was young, he looked (and acted like) like Trayvon. 😉 😉

    2. od3214 He was edumacated in Chicago for crying out loud, give him a break.  Lets hope that he was drunk.

  28. this guy has a masters degree, what could be more of an indictment on the education system in this country than listening to this bufoon.

    1. od3214  
      He has a masters degree (but he was a high school drop-out)?
      He was ‘honorably discharged’ from the Army (after going AWOL)?
      Can you say ‘Affirmative Action’. 😉 😉

  29. How do these idiots like Bobby Rush get elected into office? Good God is our nation this inept and idiotic to have elected a man that can’t even answer a direct question? The only way this man could have gotten into office is through affirmative action policy. What a complete incoherent fool Mr. Rush is! He could have given Rachel Jeantel a run for her money in the most illiterate person to speak award!

  30. Rush is nothing more than a rubber stamp for Illinois thugs that need a vote, any vote, for any reason.
    Listen to the guy.  Look at him.  Watch his eyes dart back and forth.  Just another washed up Chicago thug that’s past his prime.

  31. Does this fit Bobby Rush?
    G Orwell, “1984”– “Crimestop means the faculty of stopping short, as though by instinct, at the
    threshold of any dangerous thought. It includes the power of not grasping analogies, of
    failing to perceive logical errors, of misunderstanding the simplest arguments if they are
    inimical to Ingsoc, and of being bored or repelled by any train of thought which is
    capable of leading in a heretical direction. Crimestop, in short, means protective
    This quote seems to explain what I cannot seem to fathom about this Trayvon debate. Sure it was a tragedy. Just like 200 murders of black people on Chicago was each a tragedy. But there is something basic at work in the Black culture, which I find impossible to connect to genetics, which prevents even the slightest consideration  of what reasonable people would find….reasonable. Crimestop is a skill.
    On the other hand, maybe it’s just me.

    1. WordsFailMe For clarity your post should have said that crimestop is related to the idea of throughtcrime.
      Of course, it’s not just you.  Orwell remains perhaps the single best source of cataloguing this.  A good companion is Levin’s opening chapter in Ameritopia.
      I have been saying all along that what is really being charged against Zimmerman (and most non-blacks) is thoughtcrime, being “racist.”  The modern version of 1984’s  two-minute hate – also known as MS-NBC – pounds on thoughtcrime 24/7: racist, sexist, homopohobe, islamophobe.  Just as Minitru would strike words from the language attempting to kill the idea, there is no corresponding lexicon for thoughtcrime against white, Christian, male, straight.  No “hetero-phobia” driving calls for gay marriage. 
      Thanks for your post.

  32. I didn’t realize Hannity was talking to THIS Bobby Rush until Jazzee pointed it out?
    In 1963 after dropping out of high school, Rush joined the While stationed in Chicago in 1966, he joined the In 1968, he went from the Army and co-founded the Illinois chapter of the He later received an honorable discharge from the Army.
    Throughout the 1960s, Rush was involved in the civil-rights movement and worked in civil-disobedience campaigns in the After co-founding the Illinois chapter of the in 1968, he served as its “defense minister”. After witnessing fellow Black Panther being killed in a police raid, Rush made statements saying “We needed to arm ourselves” and referring to the police as “pigs”. Earlier that same year Rush stated the philosophy behind his membership in the Black Panthers saying, “Black people have been on the defensive for all these years. The trend now is not to wait to be attacked. We advocate offensive violence against the power structure.” Despite the group’s engagement in violence, Rush nonetheless worked on several non-violent projects that built support for the Black Panthers in African-American communities, such as coordinating a medical clinic which offered sickle-cell anemia testing on an unprecedented scale.
    Rush’s own apartment was raided in December 1969, where police discovered an unregistered pistol, rifle, shotgun, pistol ammunition, training manuals on explosives, booby traps, an assortment of communist literature, and a small amount of Rush was imprisoned for six months in 1972 on a weapons charge, after carrying a pistol into a police station. In 1974 Rush left the Panthers, who were already in decline. “We started glorifying thuggery and drugs,” he told People. Rush, a deeply religious born-again, went on to say that “I don’t repudiate any of my involvement in the Panther party—it was part of my maturing.”

    1. Thanks for the background, tinlizzieowner! I will be tucking that one in the memory banks. Had no idea.

      1. DawgfanInFL  
        This is all just SO ‘Chicago’ and you wonder why Obama started his political career there? 😉 😉

        1. Most Chicago politicians spend a little time ‘inside’ as part of their maturing process… just like DC mayors.
          Looks like NYC politicians have to be registered sex offenders or Madames to be elected these days.  Scandal sells candidates to some people.  Worked for Hill/Billary.

        2. Conniption Fitz 
          if you aren’t a socialist, liar, cheat, thug, pervert, or (Black) racist, don’t even run for office on the Democratic ticket.
          We hit the jackpot with Obama. 😉

    2. tinlizzieowner thanks! grea info.  i wonder how many more of his type of scum is running around the halls of congress…we already know what in the executive branch

      1. publius69 tinlizzieowner 
        Every time you see a Democrat talking on TV, do a Wikipedia search on them. Especially the ‘early history’ part. You’d be surprised. Why do you think Barack Obama’s early record is ‘sealed’. He was ‘selected’ to be elected. He would have never passed the ‘smell test’, otherwise. 😉

      1. Stoptheusurper tinlizzieowner 
        Can’t say for a fact. What I can say for a fact is that I got a General Discharge (under honorable conditions) in 1968 for just showing up for duty drunk. Absent Without Leave. (AWOL), is a far more serious charge. Under war conditions, you can be shot for it and technically, we were ‘at war’ in Viet Nam, at the time.

    3. tinlizzieowner He’s still maturing.  In another ten years, he’ll have the intellect of the average six year old.

      1. CalCoolidge tinlizzieowner  The cock roach has already “matured” and is on the down hill slide to hell!!!

  33. I am so sick of hearing about how Trayvon was “just an innocent kid.”  Makes me want to puke!

  34. Zimmerman case aside, I had never heard of this guy ‘Bobby Rush’ before. Listening to him attempt to string a coherent thought together into words was torturous. My head literally hurts thinking that this man is in congress and has direct voting power over my tax dollars. Unbelievable. The people of IL should be ashamed.

  35. Illinois, you must be proud. How the heck does this moron keep getting elected? He sure doesn’t represent anyone from IL I’ve ever met.

  36. bobby rush the former black panther can’t even put a sentence of fact together
    he was creating facts…….wow  sad dude really sad
    the trial is OVER
    we didn’t get a redo on OJ now did we? and there was a ton of evidence he was the murderer
    the jury has spoken move on

  37. at 1st I thought this guy was reading from a teleprompter, he kept looking over to the top right of the screen…O that is how yyou access the imagination part of your brain

  38. When you have an ignorant dumbed down population, this is what you get . The cream of the crop always rises to the top…………LMAO

  39. This is why I do not watch Hannity. This man cannot put a cohesive sentence together on a good day. So rather than having a factual debate about something important, we have this pathetic product of gerrymandering beating the same dead horse. MOVE ON SEAN!

    1. PVG  Actually I thought they were very gracious considering the ignorance they had to deal with.

      1. WhiteGuy2 PVG agree this guy is why after decades of democrate control over low income areas… He lives well and his subjects that keep electing him are no better today then they were 50-60 years ago

    2. While I get your point, I think it’s incredibly valuable to show people WHO represents them. How in the name of our Lord in heaven did this guy get through an election and WIN?!
      If I lived anywhere in IL I would start campaigning against this pitiful excuse for a represents vie of the people. I’m just in shock & awe that this guy has been elected. And I’m sure he’s not the worst of them! Someone has to bring them out into the spotlight.

  40. How is this studderer even an elected official…period…gimme a break…get yourself educated America!!!

  41. 65% of his contituents are African American…meaning he’s the only one among 65% of the population that knows how to read, he’s also an ordained Baptist preacher…and that’s enough to get elected on the Southside of Chicago…Actually being the founder of the Black Panthers Chapter of South Side Chicago was enough to get him installed for life…don’t look for him to get ousted until they take him out in a wooden box…idiot or not, it ain’t gonna happen…

      1. Many high school graduates do not know how to read.  HIgh school students in the 1930-40s learned Latin and Greek and could count and reason logically and speak and spell grammatically.   Handwriting, cursive and printing, was a discipline along with memorization of poetry and essays.  They (yes, whites) stood when adults entered the room, and said, Sir and Ma’am, thank you and please.
        Nowadays, a college diploma is the education equivalent of a high school diploma in the 1930s-1950s and a masters degree is the equivalent of the earlier college degree and a PhD is now as meaningless as a Nobel Peace Prize. 
        Children are taught dissonant, incoherent ideologies and social memes that don’t make sense logically and have no scientific and statistical evidence to support them, quite the opposite.  They are unable to think, reason, exert self-control and act respectfully to teachers and each other.  Teachers don’t get a break during lunch now, because they have to patrol the halls and restrooms to stop kids from giving each other  bl* w jobs (in exclusive private as well as public middle-class and ghetto elementary, middle and high schools). 
        It’s come to this.  And Obama has made it worse, giving hundreds of millions of your tax dollars to Kevin ‘f*sting’ Jennings, his safe schools Czar to promote LBGTXYZ lifestyles in government schools.
        What a despicable corrupt immoral regime…with horrific results.

  42. Wow ,.. the Dems are just pathetic, I cant believe we keep loosing to these ignorant fools.

    1. We keep losing because of the inept GOP that is not willing to fight the good fight, and never expose the liberals for what they are for the sake of not offending them.

  43. Ladies and Gentlemen…..presenting the man who beat Obama in the democratic primary for Illinois’ 1st Congressional District…..beating him with 60% of the vote compared to Obama’s 30%…….Bobby “Black Panther” Rush!! LOL!! Could you imagine a debate between those 2?!?

      1. Keyes RebeccaLeighRandolph that’s exactly how I picture it going!! I was about to say that anyone watching the debate would end up even dumber than before it started but then I remembered that these are leftist morons in Chicago who elected these moonbats…..I don’t think it’s humanly possible to become even dumber and still be able to carry out basic human functions, such as walking and chewing gum simultaneously

        1. RebeccaLeighRandolph Keyes 
          …well…this guy does look like he attempted to walk and chew gum simultaneously…and failed.

      2. Keyes RebeccaLeighRandolph that is EXACTLY how oCommie sounds when his telepromter breaks,
        Like minds,,,

      1. doofuschmartz WhiteGuy2 40 oz……malt liquor….most likely in a brown paper bag

        1. RebeccaLeighRandolph doofuschmartz WhiteGuy2   40oz?  Nanny Bloomingidiot would have a fit.

        2. NYGino RebeccaLeighRandolph doofuschmartz WhiteGuy2 he would’ve made him split it into 16 oz containers…each with its own brown bag!! lol

        3. Is_Sense_Common   I’m doing fine I_S_C, and you?  We keep missing each other on TRS.  So what happened to your black Lab?  Gotta say your new friend is cute though.

        4. NYGino Is_Sense_Common My pooch is sitting on my feet as I type, but there was another person who had a profile pic almost identical to that one & I kept mistaking her posts for mine, thinking, “When did I write that?!!?”  So rather than go completely cuckoo, I went with a pre-bacon image.  :~)

    1. That was my first thought too, but after watching the whole thing, I’m pretty sure he’s had a stroke that has left him impaired. However, I’m not saying he had ever demonstrated any intelligence. I think he probably used to say dumb things in a less slurred manner.

  44. How does someone like that get in Congress?  Imagine if a Republican sounded like that.  Liberals say Michele Bachmann is dumb. She is Einstein compared to this guy. 

    This guy is making decisions on bailouts and decisions on national security.

    1. Mark678 
      Look no further than his constituents.
      By the way, Bachmann is very smart. I heard her speak several times and she knows her stuff.

    2. They say everyone who disagrees with their fairy tales is “dumb.” That’s all they have. (well that, and a media selling its soul to assure that their “dumb” argument is echoed from every rooftop for months on end…)

      1. 57thunderbird PressWatchusa  Wikipedia says that he had a rare form of Salivary Tumor—wonder if somehow the cancer metastasized to his brain? More likely he’s always been an idiot. Ironically enough, however, it also says the guy has got like two Master’s Degrees and a Bachelor’s Degree–I wonder how much he had to pay for them….uh….I mean, how much WE had to pay for them…

        1. doofuschmartz 57thunderbird PressWatchusa Did he go to an all-black college where the graduation requirement is to show up for 1 day during the semester?

  45. He’s a congressman for Illinois…boy are they in trouble!! Has he had a stroke or is he just retarded???

    1. Lindatherepulican He’s a criminal, too.  Used to be with the Black Panthers.  Spent time in jail for weapons charges (ironically).  I remember when his home was raided and there were unregistered weapons, ammo, pot and i believe bomb making items.  Obama tried to unseat him in 2000 and lost badly to Rush, if you can believe it.

      1. 57thunderbird joyarbro  T-Bird, I think you get the award for understatement of the week with that comment…

        1. Keyes Orangeone joyarbro Or maybe grand daughter….more of what we don’t know about the racist in our WH

        2. Orangeone Keyes joyarbro 
          Well, he does kind move like a goil…..and the way he prances down the stairs on Air Force 1…you may be on to something.

    1. ladyjk 
      From the sounds of the interview I have to question the “was” portion of your thought.

      1. Orangeone 
        School period I would wonder. That man is just an awful representative of the black community and congress, just awful.

        1. badbadlibs Orangeone He looks like a walking corpse. Sad to say, I hope that he joins the thug in he!! soon.

  46. Pathetic…and here I was thinking the illiteracy and idiocy was just among the black youth…this imbecile has escaped from Bedlam…

    1. doofuschmartz Pushing blacks through the education system has been around as long as the US Dept of Education.

        1. 57thunderbird Orangeone doofuschmartz 
          I don’t think they are falling through cracks…..they are falling through gaps as wide as the Grand Canyon.

        1. doofuschmartz MarieCowsert1 badbadlibs I feel so embarassed for the black community.  They get these ignorant fools to represent them.  No wonder they are such easy prey for the old white KKK democrats.

        2. ldydesign doofuschmartz MarieCowsert1 badbadlibs LIV’s(Low Information Voters)He is democrat and he is black.That’s all that matters.

      1. 57thunderbird badbadlibs  Probably just your head getting ready to explode…it’s a common reaction to idiotic liberal loons…

  47. I want to see Bobby Rush take on Michelle Malkin.  We could charge admissions and sell popcorn

  48. This is why I don’t watch Hannity, he has no grasp of the guests or half the time the facts. He lets the leftists drone on and quite frankly, he doesn’t have the stuff to bring it to leftist.

    1. badbadlibs I’m not a Hannity fan either.I can’t rely put my finger on the exact reason why,but I think you are to something

        1. doofuschmartz 57thunderbird badbadlibs What bugs me the most is when has the RINO;s on his show and doesn’t take them to task.What is even worse is when he has that moron Rove on.

  49. Lovin’ Steve King more each day.  He lead the DC March for Jobs’ actual march and kicked arse and took names in his powerful speech!  That man is admired by conservatives and liberals, blacks and whites, men and women and it showed at the DC March for Jobs event.

  50. What on earth is the matter with that man, Rush? Did he have a stroke? Is he drunk?
    I can’t understand the mentality of a populace that would elect someone who can’t even speak clearly or hold a coherent thought!
    They (the voters) should be arrested.

    1. MarieCowsert1 
      He doesn’t have a grasp of anything that’s factual. This is disgusting! Being senile should be reason to be forced from office.

      1. badbadlibs     Oh yea…he should be gone. 
        That interview just blew me away…kinda like the guy who said Guam might tilt over because of population..WOW

        1. MarieCowsert1 
          It’s stunning that someone can make it to congress and think Guam could tip over…or any….oy!! His voters should be arrested too. There’s just no fixing that kind of stupid.

        2. badbadlibs MarieCowsert1  I think you’re thinking of that other Whiz-Bang Genius (sarc), Hank Johnson(?) from…Ga(?)…

        3. doofuschmartz 
          Those two “whiz-bang geniuses” aren’t smart enough to breath on their own. They have to be hooked up to machines hidden under their coats. Good grief!

      1. freeperjim Mmmmm…it was reported that she was the love child of SheJack(where she got the blabber mouth, skin color, and hair style from), and Jabba the Hut(Gifted her with the incoherence and corpulence). She is aka Jabber the Hut…

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