Transgender HOAX!! Video PROVES ‘humiliating’ bathroom event NEVER HAPPENED!!

Another deranged liberal made up an event in order to further their political agenda and blame it on conservative tormenters.

In this case it was a tranny who tried to make it sound like she was dragged out of a bathroom by jack booted thugs – unfortunately for her/him/it, there were cameras rolling.

Watch below:

From Fox 8:

“I couldn’t think. I couldn’t speak. I was speechless,” she said. “It was embarrassing. I was outed in front of everybody.”
The Durham woman said she wanted to make a statement by going into a woman’s restroom and snapping a selfie in the mirror.
She said a custodian confronted her when she came out of the stall and she was escorted out.
The city of Durham owns the Transit Center and recently released surveillance footage of the alleged incident after the original story was aired.
Adams can be seen in the video entering the public bathroom alone. About four minutes later, a custodian enters. Shortly later, Adams can be seen leaving the restroom by herself.

What’s even more hilarious is that Fox 8 shows her the footage, and she just whines, “you had to be there.” LOL!!!

There you go, another crazy, demanding that we change our society because she’s insane.

[h/t Matt Vespa]

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