Transgender patients who regret changing gender are being BASHED as TRANSPHOBIC

A really interesting report out of Britain shows that the transgender lobby might be hiding the real consequences of their bat-crap crazy quest to eradicate gender.

More from Sky News:

Hundreds of young transgender people are seeking help to return to their original sex, a woman who is setting up a charity has told Sky News.

Charlie Evans, 28, was born female but identified as male for nearly 10 years before detransitioning.

The number of young people seeking gender transition is at an all-time high but we hear very little, if anything, about those who may come to regret their decision.


“I’m in communication with 19 and 20-year-olds who have had full gender reassignment surgery who wish they hadn’t, and their dysphoria hasn’t been relieved, they don’t feel better for it,” she says.

“They don’t know what their options are now.”

And instead of garnering sympathy, these people are attacked as “transphobic” because the transgender agenda is way more important than people suffering.

Of course, all of this was pretty clearly predictable if you were one of the few who were skeptical about the mass social experiment to pump bizarre chemicals into kids and mutilate their genitals based on their feelings. One person in the video report said that she was likely just down on herself because of her weight. Is society really stupid enough to want to impose life-changing decisions on children we hardly trust to feed and clothe themselves?

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58 thoughts on “Transgender patients who regret changing gender are being BASHED as TRANSPHOBIC

  1. Of course. It’s the same thing as the left trashing any black that dares leave the plantation. How dare they think for themselves! We OWN them!

    The only thing they care about is pushing their agenda and this doesn’t help them so they trash those that have regrets.

    It’s definitely proof that children should never be allowed to transition and parents should never be allowed to make them. Any chance that will happen? No. Agenda first, children last.

    1. The left enthusiastically embraces any absurdity
      as long as it is antagonistic
      towards Western, Christian, capitalist culture.

  2. So much for these poor souls struggling to discover their “true selves.” As long as they are freaks, they deserve our sympathy, says the left. If they decide that they’ve made a mistake, they deserve scorn.

    1. I don’t think that they deserve it if they’re kids not old enough to make these decisions on their own and enabled by adults.

  3. The left once again eating it’s own.

    They’ve always been eating “their babies” in one form or another.

  4. The trans movement challenges and undermines gender based on biology and thousands of years of human history. And ironically they don’t want to permit anything that challenges their weak notions and bad ideas that have only recently been promoted. Hypocrites. Their ideas cannot be challenged because they fall apart – and they know it.

    1. Death is most likely, with Pestilence as VP. If elected, Death will appoint Famine for Secretary of State, and of course, War as SecDef.

    2. Look for either Biden (if he doesn’t keep f—king up) or likely Warren as the nominee.

      The VP field is pretty wide open though.

      I was a delegate in the Dem party for years but left in 2016 so haven’t really been all that connected with goings on other than what I hear from friends still in it.

      I do know that there is going to be a push to try and appeal to the moderates and the progressives so it is going to be interesting to see at any rate.

      There is grumbling about Biden as the nominee because he is seen as too moderate. They like Warren because she is very liberal but can seem like she is very moderate at the same time.

  5. So, no one thought changing their sex could pose a problem for humanity? We are supposed to be intelligent beings but this whole mess the Dems created prove otherwise.

    1. Supposed to be is exactly right. “I know of only two things which are infinite, the universe and human stupidity. But I’m not sure about the universe.” – Albert Einstein

  6. It’s always been about the agenda, nothing else. The physical and mental helalth of these poor kids have absolutely no value to the leftists.

  7. By the way, if President Trump identify’s as a woman for one day and then goes back, will the left still acknowledge him as the first woman President?

  8. The number of young people seeking gender transition is at an all-time high.

    You don’t say. When you normalize certain behaviors it encourages more of said behaviors. When I was growing up nobody even thought about this stuff.

    Of course, all of this was pretty clearly predictable if you were one of the few who were skeptical about the mass social experiment to pump bizarre chemicals into kids and mutilate their genitals based on their

    Basing life changing decisions on feelings is a terrible idea because feelings are fickle and they change with the wind. But feelings are what this movement is entirely based upon. Feelings alone cannot be the determining factor if something is right, wrong, or normal. If it were then nothing could be wrong or abnormal, because feelings are subjective.

    1. And isn’t almost EVERYONE skeptical of this experiment, except for the occasional few who aren’t?

    2. When I was young, I identified as a triceratops;
      however, my parents discouraged my desire to transition.

  9. In addition to making sure the mental health community recognizes gender dysphoria as a form of mental illness, we have a serious problem in our society with grooming.

    As proven again and again in Europe and Briton (it’s a worldwide phenomenon), grooming *works*. And any person with a shred of honesty will admit that the vast majority of the sexually confused have been groomed by someone with more years of living as a homosexual or transgendered.

    If you raise this truth you will be vilified by leftists, told to shut up by the Mitt Romney wing of the right, and targeted for violence by GBLT activists.

    But it’s the truth.

    Grooming is child abuse. It doesn’t work on all of them, but it emotionally messes up most of them. And the victims are among the highest suicide rate groups in all humanity.

    1. And isn’t that what they do when they teach kids about this stuff or have some drag queen in public libraries? They’re not just groom them into their lifestyle either, but grooming them sexually.

    2. And the courts in America are now so “woke” that the pendulum is swinging more toward Father’s rights, and are sending some kids back to their sexual abusers. A friend of mine has been battling the courts for almost ten years over this, and all the judges have turned a blind eye on the issue. In the courts, it’s almost never about what is good for the child. It’s about who is going to win…mother or father. As a consequence, my friend has “court fatigue” and PTSD (no lie) from the experience of trying to protect her child, who was bitten on the inside of his thigh (if you catch my drift) during play. The teeth marks were deep and obvious. The child was bruised for weeks. It’s been a nightmare.

  10. It’s really devastating the amount of child abuse these parents agreed to and inflicted. when they allowed their children to transgender.

    1. It is, but some parents are put under extreme pressure if someone thinks their child is transgender. It can come from the school or psychologists all telling them their child’s life depends on it. They can also be threatened with losing custody if they don’t go along. Scary times.

      Here’s a blog about a divorced father trying to prevent his ex from putting their seven-year old boy through transition:

  11. Expect some violent repercussions from these conflicted, manipulated and mutilated, victims of out-of-control liberalism.

  12. Perhaps the Parents (Adults) should rethink their Abuses on children. We the taxpayer will be paying for this in real dollars as well as in life. It’s pretty disgusting that they get away with this…

  13. Reason #5580538574 to oppose government run healthcare.

    Britain’s NHS has a vested interest in perpetuating radical treatment protocols for pubescent and pre-pubescent kids suffering from gender dysphoria, a recognized mental illness. Woke politicians were tripping over one another to shove money at them as they pandered to the woke. Now, they have an even bigger vested interest in protecting their reputation and defending how they dumped billions in taxpayer money medicating and mutilating kids who needed psychiatric care.

    Can this happen in a private system? Of course, and I’ll concede these protocols are probably consistent with the prevailing view among woke leftist doctors. However, in a private system, there will be less money for this nonsense, more of the costs will be borne by the families, and parents/patients can seek out proper psychiatric care – an option denied (or actively discouraged) in countries like the UK and Australia.

    1. In a private system there is also fear of lawsuits. Government systems can protect themselves from lawsuits. While many judges in our system are crazy leftist there is always the possibility they could be brought before a sane judge.

  14. This is akin to having a baby to try and fix a marriage. It never works. Maybe if I do this I’ll feel better. Maybe if we have a baby, maybe if I change my hair color, maybe if I get a boob job…maybe if I cut my penis off I’ll feel better. BUZZER! Things like these are never the answer. Unfortunately, they will have to suffer the consequences of their actions for the rest of their lives. And the parents who enabled them to make such a horrible decision should be horse whipped.

    1. I can summarize the arguments I was having with my ex-wife before we divorced in three lines:

      “We should have kids”
      “We should wait to have kids until our relationship improves”
      “Having kids will improve our relationship”

  15. The gender reassignment is ineffective for these people’s issue because gender identification isn’t the real problem. It’s like treating arthritis w/ flu medication. These people need psych help, not surgery.

  16. NEWS FLASH: No one can change their gender! That is clear and simple science. Drugs, hormones, surgery, etc., only creates a confused amputee.

  17. Soop, I have to take issue with your headline, with its emphasis on these people seeking reversals being attacked as transphobic.

    That’s the least of their problems, poor souls.

    Homosexuality has always existed, underneath the surface in society. Do I think homosexuals should be mistreated or bullied? No, of course not. But when we as a society suddenly decided that “love is love” and same sex marriage is “a human right” we opened the door to an untested social experiment without any thought to what would follow. And here we are, not even a generation later! Look at the chaos that is just beginning!

    I have no idea how we will fix this. Pandora’s Box has been opened and many, many people will suffer before it’s all put right again, if ever.

    1. Even worse. The constant emphasis on transgenders and homosexuality leads teenagers in high school who feel like they don’t fit in to question whether it’s because they’re “really” homosexual or transgender.

      And because they’re encouraged in that belief before they have a chance to mature, they get caught up in behaviors and lifestyles they might never have experimented with if not for all the public pressure and attention.

      It hits transgenders especially hard, because they’re sometimes been encouraged to “transition” by hormones, chemicals, and even surgery. None of whis is easy to reverse, and can lead to being attacked as transphobic if you try.

    2. I’m probably like most here,I do not know nor do I associate with the Homosexuals,Transgenders same sex marriage couples nor the rest of that group.I just do not want to co-mingle with what I believe in with probably what they do not believe in and the Bible has a lot to do with that.I’ll probably be criticized here,but that does not bother me.Nice post,opened up lots of goods questions ,including what my thoughts were.Thanks.

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    2. The little auto-popup thingy (to help you log-in) that you get when trying to reply or flag isn’t popping up for me today.

      I go to the top of the Disqus section and use the drop down login menu, and it works. It logs me in–until I leave the page.

  18. So the “boy mind” in the “girl body” decided that it was a “girl mind” after all?

    Literally “changing her mind.”

    Or exactly what we’re being lectured is impossible to do, because they’re “born that way.”

  19. There have been many studies that have shown this. yet, the left insists the depravity continue.

  20. I can see the men/boys who have that thing removed,then put on ice for a couple of months two determine whether or not the change is working out,but you cannot keep it on ice for a couple of years so live with it Dickless,I mean Nichlos.

    1. I worked w/ someone who’s parents were so distressed, they had a funeral for it. No lie. People are so odd sometimes.

  21. These freaks thought they were the “cool” ones, enlightened and on the cutting edge. They enjoyed the notoriety and accolades they got from their fellow trans freaks. So they chopped off their willies and now they regret that decision. Sorry, you degenerates will get no sympathy from me.

    1. If they do it as an adult I agree. They have to live with the consequences of their decisions. Now-a-days though, we have parents determining their sex and their transition. Those children are being abused.

    2. As I’ve said, it’s much easier to get “LOOK AT ME!” tattooed on their foreheads. Easier to reverse, also.

  22. The ends justify the means according to the left. Useful idiots are useful idiots and , according to the left are expendable

  23. None of the therapists this poor girl had thought that her eating disorder and her gender dysphoria were linked? None?!

    This is indicative of one of the problems in this transgender industry: the therapists have deluded themselves that someone can be “born in the wrong body” and therefore divorce the dysphoria from other problems and treat the physical body as the problem instead of the mental.

    Every trans case I’ve read about includes other preceding problems: autism (esp. in girls), sexual trauma, abuse (esp. emotional from parents or grandparents), relationship failure, bulimia…

  24. The left are out to destroy Judeo Christian Values… they are willing to fill pits with millions of dead bodies for the “cause” what’s a few impressionable teenagers.

  25. I don’t care what kind of a sign they put outside the door of the bathroom as long as it can be locked from the inside.

  26. This is why when you consider transitioning, you really need to take it seriously and make sure you’re 100% sure you’re making the right decision. It’s not “I’m just gonna pop into the clinic one time and get my pills and I’m off” – it’s working on yourself with a doctor constantly to fully understand what dysphoria you have and be able to mark out any other possibilities before going on meds and fully transitioning etc;

    1. A man who thinks he’s a woman is confused. He is not and will never be a woman. Genital mutilation should be a crime.

  27. It’s already established that “gender confusion” among young children resolves at puberty 90% of the time. But reality must be ignored by ideologues. It’s up to us to hold the ideologues responsible for their crimes against children.

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