‘Transgender’ teacher removed from classroom in Florida after comments wanting to ‘shoot’ students

A so-called transgender teacher has been removed from a middle school classroom in Florida after making comments about wanting to shoot some of ‘her’ students.

The comments were made with the school guidance counselor on March 24th after the teacher had learned about a social media post negatively discussing ‘her’ sexual orientation.

The teacher admitted to having “bad thoughts” and then “made a comment that she wanted to shoot some students due to them not performing to their ability,” according to Wear News ABC 3.

“The report notes that the teacher immediately added that she would never harm a student.”

Apparently some action was taken by the school district, as the article notes “Later that same day, three firearms and ammunition were recovered from the teacher’s residence by the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO).”

However the school district didn’t remove the teacher from the classroom until the Florida Department of Education got involved last week:

Parents were fuming with the school district for taking two weeks to let them know about the incident. Some parents were threatening to pull their children from the school altogether.

Even if the incident hadn’t happened, knowing one of the teachers is transgender is enough to get the kids out of there in my humble opinion.

You can read the article here for more info.

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