Trey Gowdy corners DHS on why they couldn’t cut other costs instead of releasing felons

A great clip here of Trey Gowdy going after DHS for trying to use the sequester as an excuse for releasing level 1 aggravated felons:

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52 thoughts on “Trey Gowdy corners DHS on why they couldn’t cut other costs instead of releasing felons

  1. The crooks in the District of Corruption NEVER cut their 3 Sacred Ps – their Paychecks, Pork and Perks.

  2. So what!  I applaud Gowdy, but what difference does it make. 
    He showed how incompetent the administration scumbags are, and he revealed how cynical Dear Leader and the marxist democrats are in hurting the nation, but what difference does it make in the end?
    Republicans aren’t going to impeach the commie thug from Chicago.  The repubs aren’t going to rein in the agencies and departments that are running wild with their tyrannical power. The repubs will beat their gums but won’t do a thing to stop the corruption.

  3. Hey folks, Gowdy asks great questions but let’s remember how they vote.  He is pro-illegal alien amnesty and citizenship.  He also voted YES to fund ObamaCare by voting in favor of the continuing resolution.

  4. This entire administration acts this way. they think they are above the law.. How long will we allow this treason?

  5. This is the same old stupid game Obama plays all the time. Fall on your sword for the emperor. When will congress get the balls to put these liars under oath? This is the same as Fast and Furious and Benghazi. This is a fact: The entire administration has lied to us about the wounded in Benghazi, period. That breach of trust by the government is more than enough for impeachment proceedings. This government has culpability in the deaths of many foreign nationals in Mexico due to Fast and Furious. The administration lied about this just as they lied about Libya. They are doing the same thing again. Yes, we see people like Gowdy and Graham asking questions but nothing more. When will one of these liars be put under oath? When will subpoenas be issued? Thank you congress for talking so much and eating up your big paychecks but it is high time to get off your lazy asses and do what we put you there to do. People like me will be forgotten by time, but you will be remembered forever. What will you be remembered as?

  6. One would think that if you knew you were going to testify in front of a congressional panel for something that you would find out every piece of information you could about the issue you were going to be discussing.  I mean do they honestly believe “Hey I’m going to go talk to Congress, eh…Im good.”  Unreal.

  7. If everyone one here knew the salaries of the two men from DHS were, you’d hit the roof!  They don’t know basic information about their own jobs and they are paid handsomely and get full benefits on our tax paying dimes!  They are ignorant and only have their jobs through cronyism!  This is what allowed felons back into our society!  This is the irresponsible ignorance that is controlling our nation and driving it into the ground.  It’s sick, evil, and pathetic!  Kudos to Senator Gowdy for taking them to task for not being responsible and putting citizens in danger!

  8. First;
    the DHS people seemed to know nothing. A better question from Senator Gowdy
    should have been does either of these men know how to wipe their butts. The
    answers they gave stink.
    and I didn’t get to hear the whole interview, but how about asking these
    incompetent fools if money could have been saved by:
    If the criminals were deported, we can at least get a small break before they sneak
    back over.
    the massive acquisition of ammunition: DHS has been spending millions of
    dollars stock piling ammo
    Taking a
    pay cut: These two should take a pay cut, they couldn’t even answer the most simplest
    the DHS administrative over head: Get rid of any position that isn’t necessary,
    the military does this all the time.
    their fleet of cars and trucks: Besides reducing their fleet, get rid of any
    that are used primarily for personal use.
    with local police authorities rather than against: Working with local
    authorities could reduce time, effort, paper work, man hours and money.
    There are
    many ways to reduce a budget, but these folks don’ t want to go without their
    cushy jobs or extravagant benefits.

  9. Thank God the sequester didn’t affect the EPA and we’ll escape the dire specter of global warming.
    -The commenter formerly known as Jay.

    1. Diogenes_wy Be careful, he is the Chair of the House amnesty committee and is backing citizenship, he also voted to fund all federal agencies and ObamaCare

  10. Those 2 incompetent babbling bureaucratic baboons are so well trained at following orders from the regime.  They simply were unable or unwilling to answer a single question.  
    That behavior will get them advanced and promoted in the regime of the obamessiah.

  11. I respect Gowdy so much, he never fails in his quest for the truth. Plus he has good ole Southern charm and manners to boot!

  12. Gowdy is one of the very good ones. His cross examinations of the sleazy admin reps always make me smile.

  13. Trey Gowdy is a superstar… I love this!
    Obama wants the sequester to hurt American citizens as much as possible – this is just another example of how he’s doing it. What a great guy huh? He HATES America. He wants to destroy it – no one can argue that.
    This is so sickening.

    1. OneThinDime Let’s see? Let illegal alien felons out of jail, or pay to walk a dog? Decisions, decisions. I’m sure Jay Carney will say the president stays awake at night worrying about these tough decisions.

      1. notsofastthere OneThinDime And that is just the walker, doesn’t include SS and his limo to go to the pet food store, the vet or vet costs.  And let’s not forget he flew separately to HI too.

  14. What difference does it make Mr. Gowdy?  You are chairing the House committee to give amnesty to illegal aliens.

    1. landscaper OneThinDime He actually made a statement that the people of SC back a citizenship pathway so yes.

  15. Sooooooooo, I guess this is why John Boehner trusts Obama completely.
    Amazing, the get a salary of a few hundred thousand a year and ‘they don’t know nuttin’

  16. We definitely need more Trey Gowdys to expose the corruption of this administration whenever they attack the American people in such blatantly incompetent ways.  Not surprising when you have a undeniable racist as Attorney General that the wholesale release of prisoners without any thought of public safety would even draw a peep from the Justice Department.

    1. volsense The corruption is exposed, but I didn’t see the national news carrying it.

  17. All of these people should go to jail for putting the citizens at risk. Next, Janet Napolitano.

    1. 57thunderbird Trey Gowdy is chairing the House immigration amnesty program.  But for that and his desire for illegal aliens to have a path to citizenship, I would agree.  He lost me with that.

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