TRIGGER HAPPY: New York Subway Plastered With Nazi Flags For TV Advertisement

You get on the subway in New York City. You keep your eyes to yourself, as one does, and find a place to sit. Sensing no threats, you look around relaxed … and realize you’re sitting on a seat painted with Nazi symbols.

That’s what riders may experience right now thanks to a media blitz for a new Netflix Amazon Prime show that re-imagines history with the Axis powers having won World War II. And to advertise it, they have painted the interior of subway cars with the American flags from the show, which feature the familiar red and white stripes, but a Nazi symbol in place of the stars.

What could go wrong?


Triggered, anyone? I guess because it is fictional, we shouldn’t worry about that new American word we’re usually supposed to watch out for: triggering. I bet if it were fictional, they’d allow all kinds of re-imagined history, like as a random example, an ad campaign featuring a flag where Muhammad was being peed on by Calvin. Right? Because, hey, it’s fictional.

Or maybe, as we have seen time and time and time again, it’s really a matter of “who” might be offended or upset or safe-space-violated. Do you think?

Nah. It couldn’t be that, could it?

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