Trudeau gleefully claims Canadians DON’T have the right to defend themselves with a firearm [VIDEO]

In an interview today socialist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claimed that Canadians don’t have the right to defend themselves with a firearm either in their “constitution” or “anywhere else”.


Trudeau laments how the second amendment arguments of the right to self-protection are bleeding over into the discourse in Canada. But he’s adamant that Canadians don’t have the right anywhere to protect themselves with a firearm.

He claims they do have the right to hunt, to shoot for sport or to take a firearm to the range. But they have no right for self protection and if they try to buy a gun on that basis, they won’t succeed.

How absurd is that?!?! They do have the right to self-protection and they got it from God!

This is what makes America so great, because our founders recognized that we inherently have the right of self-protection from God, our creator. They didn’t seek to give us this right like a socialist would do. What a socialist gives they can also take away. No, our founders sought to protect our already-God-given rights in the Constitution so that no government could take them away, whether it be the freedom of speech or the second amendment.

The only reason we have a gun debate in America, which Trudeau referenced, is because socialists here, like him, are unhappy about the second amendment and want to take away our guns. So they keep coming up with every excuse under the sun to try and convince the populace to accept gun control. But our Constitution stands in their way, as do Republican legislators who support our God-given gun rights.

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