Truly INSANE Joy Reid Tweet and utterly DEVASTATING Saavedra WIN on Taliban and January 6th

The desperate Democrats on social media and on cable news, to include that hack Joy Reid, have been off and on making “American Taliban” trend all day. They will do just about anything to get the attention off Joe Biden utterly BLOWING the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Keep in mind, if Biden had followed Trump’s plan for withdrawal we probably wouldn’t be in this embarrassing, humiliating position. But still MIGHT have been, because the Taliban rightly feared how Trump would take action, and have nothing but disdain for how they know Biden WON’T.

So Biden’s sad army is desperately trying to shift the blame AND the subject, and a lot of it is either calling MAGA the American Taliban or claiming that the Taliban taking over the palace is somehow the same as the January 6th events.

Look at Joy Reid’s disgusting tweet:

She doesn’t blame the ACTUAL Taliban for doing ACTUAL Taliban things. She just claims that American Christians are the same thing.

Here’s another example. I apologize for you having to see it but it’s kinda the point.

They just don’t get it. This from Saavedra … THIS gets it.


Utterly devastating point. It should be EVERYWHERE.

And for some truly heinous Taliban acts already taking place, check updates in our lead story here.

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