‘Truly the enemy of the people’: The TRUTH about what LED to Kenosha violence. And who should PAY.

The one thing Democrats, liberals, BLM, and the MSM do not EVER want is the actual truth. That is why it is almost never heard anywhere that the elites have control. The truth about how the Kenosha situation unfolded is very simple. So simple, you don’t even need more than 240 characters to tell it. It’s so obvious that everyone already knows it, even the Dems, libs, BLM, MSM etc who don’t want to admit it.

It’s so simple and obvious and easy and important that it has to be repeated and spread over and over. Even if that means an entire blog post for a single tweet, or a handful of tweets. Matt Walsh knows the truth and he said it as plainly as it can be said.

These are the facts of the case, but they are disputed. Disputed in bad faith by criminals, disputed by agenda-driven people who will destroy whatever or whoever is in their way, disputed by politicians, and disputed by that faithless lot of betrayers we call the press. Them most of all.

They created this, and they should pay for it. Literally, with money.

Some should have to pay more than others.

The media are an enemy of truth, because truth exposes what they are. Rittenhouse should sue their pants off. Not just for his own sake. Forr America’s sake.


Consider this an OPEN THREAD.

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