Trump acccuses Cruz of LYING that he supported single payer healthcare – here it is from HIS BOOK…

Apparently Trump believes there’s an epidemic of people dying on the sidewalks for lack of a “simple procedure” or one pill, and it’s all Ted Cruz’s fault!! But more than that, in this clip where he goes completely unhinged, he accused Cruz of lying about something that is readily provable.

Watch below:

This is the ad that Stephanopoulos is talking about in the clip. 

Well, if Ted Cruz is lying, then apparently these words just don’t exist anymore:

“We must have universal health care I’m a conservative on most issues but a liberal on this one..The Canadian plan also helps Canadians live longer and healthier than Americans. There are fewer medical lawsuits, less loss of labor to sickness, and lower costs to companies paying for the medical care of their employees. If the program were in place in Massachusetts in 1999, it would have reduced administrative costs by $2.5 million. We need, as a nation, to reexamine the single-payer plan, as many individual states are doing.” More from Trump’s 2000 campaign here..

History and the meanings of words are just another victim of Emperor Trump’s rise.

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