Trump accuses DeSantis of campaigning for President with payments to Babylon Bee, but he leaves a HUGE DETAIL out

Trump is essentially attacking DeSantis non-stop these days on his Truth Social account. I look at it and most of it I ignore, especially if he’s pointing out policy differences between he and DeSantis, which is absolutely legitimate.

But then there are things that can’t be ignored because, once again, they are nothing but blatant lies.

Overnight Trump attacked DeSantis, accusing him of campaigning for President with $5,000 payments to Babylon Bee.

Here’s a screenshot of his post on Truth Social:

Trump is claiming that DeSantis has paid the Babylon Bee 21,500 “so far”, suggesting it’s an ongoing payment.

Trump says “Just because his poll numbers are tanking…doesn’t allow him to campaign without an announcement.”

He’s literally accusing DeSantis of wrongdoing!

But Trump is leaving something HUGE out and it proves he’s lying about it. Marina Medvin, an attorney on Twitter, went and looked this up and here’s what she found:

It’s old! These payments are dated late 2021 and early 2022, when DeSantis was running for governor. The image was intentionally cropped not to show the dates.

Trump makes it sound like it’s happening this year and even claimed that it couldn’t have happened when DeSantis was running for governor. But that’s exactly when it happened.

What’s really amazing to me is that the media lied about Trump and smeared him for years and he hated them for it, and rightly so. But now he’s doing the exact same thing to DeSantis.

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