Trump appeals to the Supreme Court over Jack Smith J6 case

The Supreme Court will now decide whether to allow former President Trump’s immunity appeals to play out in the court system or let Jack Smith’s trial go forward this year while Trump runs for the presidency.

Trump made this request of the high court today:

THE HILL – Former President Trump on Monday urged the Supreme Court to keep his federal election subversion criminal trial on hold as he appeals a ruling that he doesn’t have immunity from the charges.

Trump’s appeal sets up a potentially landmark case at the high court over the bounds of presidential immunity, and it also places the justices in a position to dictate when Trump can head to trial.

The former president has long looked to delay his criminal cases, and he has found initial success in postponing his Washington, D.C., trial date — originally scheduled for March 4 — by first appealing his immunity claims.

Now, as the historic dispute reaches the Supreme Court, the justices’ decision is poised to have an outsized influence on whether Trump can push the trial beyond the presidential election.

Such a feat would enable Trump to potentially first return to the White House and subsequently pardon himself or direct his Justice Department to drop the prosecution.

The District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals roundly rejected Trump’s claim that a former president enjoys near-total immunity from criminal prosecution unless they have first been impeached and convicted.

I really don’t know if the justices on the Supreme Court will agree to take up this case or not. They’ve been a mixed bag on cases like this and something tells me that they are going to take a pass and let the appellate decision stand. But we’ll see.

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