Trump attacks Harley Davidson again, treats them like a cheating girlfriend!

Trump is not relenting in his tirade against Harley Davidson. Today he’s attacking them again, telling them they shouldn’t take any production overseas:

Just look at this: “I’ve done so much for you, and then this.” “We won’t forget…”

Trump is making this about loyalty to HIM, as if Harley Davidson is his girlfriend and by moving some production overseas she’ll be cheating on him. It’s ridiculous on its face, especially when you consider that is all Trump’s fault in the first place. Trump is the one who started this trade war with our allies and now he’s trying to punish Harley Davidson for daring to try and sidestep these tariffs.

Here’s a few responses from Twitter to this ridiculousness:

This is truly the side of Trump I dislike the most. Congress needs to step up and rein him in on trade. Seriously!

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