Trump awesomely ENDS presser when reporters won’t SHUT UP and Take Turns, then Brian Stelter LIES about it

Guess what, lady? This is on you. Hope the other reporters who didn’t get to ask any questions are mad at you for it.

Today’s presser from New Jersey was mainly about Trump signing his Executive Orders providing relief for those affected by Coronavirus and shutdowns, an extraordinary step made necessary by the callous intractability of Democrats who want America suffering come election day.

But he also decided to take questions from the press, who immediately abused that decision.

“When will this relief get in the hands of Americans that need it? What date?” asked a pool reporter. That was the reasonable question part of it. But it went downhill fast.

“We think it’s going to be rapid, we wanted to be very rapid. It will be distributed in a way, whichever the fastest way, there are various methods. It will be rapidly distributed,” said the President.

There then followed a series of back and forth attempts at question and answer, with more than one reporter talking at the same time. Nevertheless, he answered the first 100 questions CBS reporter Paula Reid before trying to move on, which caused more noise in the room.

President Trump, over the sound of this cacophony, kept saying “excuse me” and pointing to the reporter whose question he was trying to take. Eventually, he gave up.

All this is perfectly easy to hear and follow in the room-level audio.

Naturally, the Fake News lied about it, led by CNN’s Fat Dumb and Bald Guy. The press are sharing a clip, with the much louder DIRECT LINE audio from the reporter, and starting only at her 100th question, not the full exchange, to give the illusion that she asked a really tough question into a quiet room and that Trump simply didn’t like it and walked out. So Brian Stelter is lying in two ways. He’s portraying it as a simple, single question, and he’s making it seem as if Reid had the floor all by herself.

If the reporters can’t keep order within their own ranks it’s not Trump’s job to straighten it out. And if you’re too dumb to know the difference between a Line In microphone and the sound of a loud room with no equipment enhancing it, then you might be Fat Dumb and Bald Guy at CNN.

And if you’re trying to manipulate the video to enhance your narrative and hide the actual series of events, they might be Fake News and the Enemy of the People.

UPDATE: I got a louder version from the White House’s YouTube.

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