Trump battles two-faced Sanctuary City mayor and, like all hypocrites, she’s got NOTHING

On Saturday night Trump faced down hypocritical proponents of so-called “sanctuary cities” who suddenly think the idea of illegal immigrants moving in is a bad one. In particular he called out Oakland Mayor and darling of the liberal virtue signal set Libby Schaaf, who on Friday promoted her appearance on a local TV station on the topic by saying “It’s not the first time @realDonaldTrump has tried something illegal, immoral, undemocratic, and racist.”

So … allowing migrants to come to your city where they are safe is RACIST now? That literally doesn’t make sense. And Trump lit her up.

Schaaf tried to fire back.

That is a liberal progressive reply if there ever was one. It’s cruel and racist to punish our city with an influx of illegals. Also we love illegals and welcome them all! Also don’t send them you hater! Also we can’t wait to get them!!

Liberal privilege is no one, not one person in the media, will ever dare to call her out on it. But that’s fine. You know why?

But Trump got the final word.

Guess what? You’re not in charge, Libby. Tough luck you have to live with your own grandstanding policy position. Enjoy the depressed wages and strain on city services!

Y’all remember when this was just a notion that never made it out of notion phase? And then WaPo and CNN tried to make hay? And now it’s probably turning into policy? You have to admit that’s hilarious.

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