Trump calls for PARENTAL VETO over ‘anyone teaching far left GENDER theories to their children in school!!’

“America’s moms and dads must be given a veto over anyone teaching far left gender theories to their children in school without parental consent,” said Donald Trump in a rip-roaring, butt-kicking speech on Saturday in Michigan.

This was one of Trump’s best speeches ever maybe. Absolutely on FIRE.

“Why the hell did you do that to me mom, or dad, or government?” Trump said, imagining the terrible future that some parents and schools are foisting on children this in this country, where hormone therapy and puberty blockers alter their natural growth and supress their gender while they’re too young to even make a decision to VOTE on their own.

“Who the hell would have ever believed we’d even be talking about this stuff, right?” said Trump. “With their extremist sex and gender ideology, the Democrat party is waging war on reality, war on science, war on children, war on women!”

Pardon my French but HELL yes they are.

This part of his speech had me STANDING UP cheering. Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen.

God Bless Donald Trump. I can’t wait for him to endorse Ron DeSantis to be our next president and for the two of them to usher in a return to the actual America that led the world for so long, and championed freedom, liberty, and conscience the world over.


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