Trump CANCELS a FOURTH rally in a week!! Immigration speech pushed back AGAIN…

El Trumpo’s schedule is becoming just as erratic and schizophrenic as the candidate is after cancelling another event, making it the fourth in a week that he’s had to pass up. 

From the Hill:

Donald Trump has cancelled a planned speech in which he was previously expected to clarify his immigration policies, according to reports.

Trump, the GOP’s presidential nominee, had planned on holding a rally next Wednesday at the Hyatt Regency in Phoenix.

Trump aides told the Arizona Republic on Wednesday that his speech would outline his immigration policy, but quickly backtracked and said he may address the issue but would focus on party unity.

Not it looks like his immigration speech is going to be given in TWO weeks, as he tries to figure out what the voices in his head tell him he should do with illegals:

This seems like a yuge mistake. Hillary is way ahead and she can wait things out and hope the clock runs down, but Trump is LOSING. He doesn’t have time to go around impromptu polling Sean Hannity’s angry mobs, or trying to pick Chris Christie’s brain for what immigration policy he should have.

I’d expect this pandemonium to result in even lower polling, if it continues…

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