Trump claims DeSantis just fired his top campaign official, but is that true??

Yesterday Trump claimed on Trump Social that Governor DeSantis fired his “top campaign official” and “campaign manager” because his campaign is a “complete disaster”:

“Ron DeSanctimonious just fired, like on “The Apprentice,” his friend and top campaign official, Phil Cox, because his campaign is a complete disaster, and 2028 is looking really bad. His campaign manager, who so deftly handled the Ted Cruz campaign against me, wanted to work for me, but was turned down – a “money grubber” like no other, and won’t quit until he’s got every last penny. Now “Rob” must change the theme of his campaign from NEVER BACK DOWN to WINNING ISN’T EVERYTHING!”

But is this true? It turns out that Trump’s truth isn’t true at all. Phil Cox is not the campaign manager for the DeSantis campaign. Nor did he work for the DeSantis campaign at all.

Rather, Cox was a volunteer with the Never Back Down super PAC which DeSantis has no control over. Cox was not fired, but was stepping down from his role with the super PAC:

It’s possible Trump may have meant this loosely, but even so DeSantis can’t have anything to do with the super PAC and thus can’t ‘fire’ anyone on the Super PAC. In other words, Trump’s ‘truth’ really doesn’t make sense at all:

Jeff Roe was the campaign manager for Ted Cruz in 2016, which makes Trump’s ‘truth’ even more confusing. Is he referring to Roe or is he suggesting Cox was Cruz’s campaign manager?

AG is right that Trump’s so-called truth isn’t accurate and Trump knows better. Unfortunately that’s what we’ve come to expect from Trump this year as it relates to DeSantis.

This is why I’m not calling it Truth Social any longer. It is better named Trump Social, at least until he starts telling the truth again.

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