Trump correctly says Adam Schiff would alter transcripts of impeachment testimony ‘to suit the Dems purposes’

Everyone is feigning outrage again over Trump saying that Adam Schiff will probably “change the words that were said” by those offering testimony in impeachment hearings to “suit the Dems purposes”. But how is that NOT something to worry about?

Schiff already gave a fake version of the Ukraine call as his opening remarks in a hearing. It was a sarcastic summary of the call, he claimed, but it was so vastly and materially different from the actual call as to be not only fiction, but yes, a genuine alteration of the facts to suit Dems purposes. In what world are we supposed to believe that he wouldn’t misrepresent the testimony of others?

Trump’s remedy is that House Republicans release their own transcripts is perfectly reasonable, and besides that, do they realize there’s not a person in America who isn’t already committed to voting for Democrats that will take the word of House Democrats on anything? What, they can’t alter transcripts? Do you remember ANY TIME THEY’VE EVER QUESTIONED A WITNESS in a hearing? Corey Lewandowski made Jerry Nadler read from the Mueller report directly, and cite chapter and verse, with every single question. And when he did, it was obvious that the “summary” from Nadler, presented as factual transcript, was in fact, not.

It’s EASY for them to manipulate how Americans hear about and see what was said in testimony, whether they call it a “transcript” or don’t. Trump is right, the Republicans should release their own transcripts.

You ought to agree with this whether you think Trump is innocent of wrongdoing OR guilty of it. Whether you think he should be impeached or should not be impeached. Because the only cure for all this mess is honesty, and the only way to keep politicians honest is to make it impossible for their lies to go unchallenged.

Trump also tweeted that it’s not true any Republicans agree there was quid pro quo in the first place, and that even if they do think that, it doesn’t matter because he can’t be impeached for that.

I don’t know if can’t be impeached for it, and I don’t know if it was illegal or even bad policy, but you have to have a sponge for a brain to still think there was no quid pro quo. There was. Ain’t no doubt.

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