Trump crushed it last night breaking incumbent voting records in New Hampshire!

Trump didn’t really have any competition last night in New Hampshire, but that didn’t stop people from turning out in record numbers to vote for him:

So just how big were his numbers?

That is quite remarkable.

Here’s more from Fox News:

President Trump didn’t have a serious challenger in the New Hampshire primary, but he still turned out enough voters to more than double former President Barack Obama’s 2012 vote total in the state, indicating that the Republican base is all-in on Trump as he prepares to face the eventual Democratic nominee in a reelection battle this November.

With 87 percent of precincts reporting, Trump secured more than 120,000 votes in the Granite State. In 2012, Obama managed just 49,080 total votes in New Hampshire. The gap between the two presidents is likely to increase as more precincts report their totals Wednesday.

It also dwarfs the total of other incumbent presidents: then-President George W. Bush received 53,962 votes in the largely-uncontested GOP primary in New Hampshire in 2004. And in 1996, incumbent President Bill Clinton received 76,797 votes in New Hampshire’s primary.

It follows a coordinated effort by the Republican National Committee and the Trump campaign to drive up turnout for Trump in New Hampshire — something the other incumbents didn’t do. Trump himself revved up his supporters at a packed and fiery rally in Manchester, N.H., on Monday, the eve of the state’s primary.

Even with the campaign to drive up the vote, I’m surprised it worked so well. Trump has no real competition in the Republican primary and you’d think people would just sit this one out, waiting for November. It sounds like Trump campaign and RNC are working like a well-oiled machine, unlike the mess on the other side.

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