Trump demands that the “radical left Congresswomen” apologize

Trump is back to tweeting this morning that the “radical left Congresswomen” should apologize to America, Israel, and to the Office of the President:

I don’t believe for a moment that Israel feels abandoned based on the nonsense from ‘the Squad’. Trump has so embraced Israel that I think it would take a lot more than anti-Semtism from these four to make them feel ‘abandoned’.

Trump then continued with a long quote from Lindsey Graham this morning calling them communists:

Graham is not wrong that these are very anti-American policies being pushed by AOC and her cronies. I don’t know that I’d call them communists per se, but they are radical socialists for sure. I know, not a lot of difference.

But let me just say something quickly about Trump’s recent tweeting. I saw his tweets from yesterday morning and while I don’t think they were racist, I do think they were stupid. Telling people to go back to the country they came from when most of them were clearly born in America just makes Trump look like an idiot, and I don’t like it when that happens. I get his overall point and I know he’s referring to their heritage, but what a clunky way to make such a point.

Trump really needs to stop knee-jerking on Twitter like this when something pops into his head. It’s not only a bad look for him, but it makes it difficult on every politician who supports him because they are the ones who have to defend these tweets in interviews with media hosts who are trying to score easy points with it. If he would just put more thought into his attack tweets, it would make it so much easier on everyone.

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25 thoughts on “Trump demands that the “radical left Congresswomen” apologize

  1. It should be WORSE to call someone a socialist than a communist because communism is not and never was possible. It was nothing more than the socialist bait and switch that has gone out of style.

    Communism was the utopia without government, but with climate change and “fighting racism” or “fighting sexism” they no longer need the promise of utopia to fool people. The game has changed but they are still socialists.

  2. Trump “unfiltered” used to bother the heck out of me, but frankly I don’t mind it at all anymore. Who is he hurting? Our opponents will be “shocked” because he isn’t behaving the way that is expected, and will use it against us? Hahaha, that train left the station long ago.

    Trump isn’t a product of focus groups, consultants, or political “experts.” THANK GOD! I don’t think I could bear another phony in the WH again.

    Agree or disagree with him, at least you’re getting the Real Deal.

  3. It’s about time omar is called out. Remember how the democrats would not even sanction her for her anti semitism? Then we have commenters here white knighting for the rag of oppession wearing muzzie. She hates the United States. A country that took her and her family in. She never says anything about the greatness of this country and the sacrifice our men and women have made throughout the world in the name of freedom and liberty. omar even committed immigration fraud. She needs removed.

  4. Trump’s problem is he runs off at the mouth…………or should I say thumbs. However, he is correct. These anti American, anti Semite radicals don’t belong in Congress. That’s for sure. Lindsey Graham on the other hand hits the nail on the head.

  5. I don’t believe for a moment that Israel feels abandoned based on the nonsense from ‘the Squad’.

    Nah, he’s trolling Ilhan.

    I think they are American citizens who are duly elected that are running on an agenda that is disgusting, that the American people will reject……

    That doesn’t make a lot of sense, Donald. Dumbass American citizens elected these morons (a feeling you should be quite familiar with). Clearly they don’t reject those agendas, otherwise they wouldn’t have voted for them.

    Also, you should be careful with those kinds of sentiments. It illustrates how, just like your predecessor, you’re only representing some Americans.

  6. [[Trump really needs to stop knee-jerking on Twitter]]
    Nah- He’s got the right attitude- call them out for everything- and ignore their raving responses and the msm’s- in a week it’ll be forgotten and the left will be ranting about some other subject- they are the party of perpetual outrage- they hate trump to the max already- so nothing he says will make them hate him more- Today’s ‘outrage du jour’ is his recent comment, tomorrow’s ‘outrage du jour’ will be some other issue- Whether he posts, or he3 doesn’t- the outrage continues daily- with him needling, they become even more unhinged- in my opinion

  7. Trump’s comments were politically stupid, but are common sense. But WHO didn’t know Trump isn’t a politician and doesn’t talk like a politician? That’s what the people voted for and that’s what the people got! But for those in leftist media to claim he’s racist because of this are being intellectually dishonest.

    There’s actually a tweet by Michelle Malkin answering back that exact thing with a list of tweets by the supposed “tolerant left” telling her to go back to “Asia”

    Michelle Malkin
    ‏Verified account
    3 hours ago
    In case you are under the illusion that morally pure libs neeeeeeeever tells non-white women to “go back” to some other country, here’s just a small sample of my go-back-to-fill-in-the-blank messages to educate you otherwise. And this is just on Twitter. Enjoy. I do every day!

  8. Trump, stay out of it!! Let the dems devour each other. You don’t have to be the center of attention on this one.

  9. No matter what he says, they are gonna criticize him for it and try to paint him as racist. Plus, now the Dems have to defend those four odious women.

  10. But let me just say something quickly about Trump’s recent tweeting. I saw his tweets from yesterday morning and while I don’t think they were racist, I do think they were stupid.

    With these tweets, Trump basically forced the Democrat Party to circle the wagons around and embrace the Four Morons of the Apocalypse, AFTER Pelosi had spent the better part of the week trying to put a crowbar between them and its other “more moderate” members. Trump knows that the Four Morons and the socialism they retail are HIGHLY unpopular among voters, especially swing voters. These four are the rope to hang the democrats in 2020.

    Shorter Agesilaos: Good Trump!

  11. Troll o-lo o-lo
    Oh o-lo
    La la la la laaaa…..

    Sometimes Trump just cannot help himself. He loves trolling the Democrats. He isn’t a politician – he is a risk taker. Politically incorrect as all get out. Don’t particularly like it, but have come to accept it.
    He’s been doing this for 3 years: political jujitsu language war.
    Maybe he is trying to capitalize on the poll that shows AOC and Omar are in trouble with their districts…..who knows.

    (and don’t tell me I am the only one who remembers that song)

  12. All of you here remember, the rag of oppression wearing muzzie comes from the same country that dragged our soldiers through the streets of mogadishu.

  13. I like Trump “fighting” but the way he could’ve dealt with the Squad should’ve been a layup. I dont mind him busting these commies up, yes, they’re communists, but do it intelligently.

  14. Yep, cause everything Trump says will not be put into context. They always omit the entire story and grab onto what makes him look bad.

  15. I agree he should stay out of this. Helping Pelosi doesn’t help him. Let them fight it out and keep the attention on each other. What good does it do him if they actually fell out of favor and united against him?
    He needs to eat some popcorn on this one.

  16. Honestly these women don’t act like they are from this country. I can see where Trump could be confused. The entire democratic party seems to be coming from some other country. That’s on them not us.

  17. The Left screams anti-American propaganda hourly and never-trumpers are more concerned with the lack of decorum by our President. In the last three decades, who has effectively articulated conservatism? Who has countered the Left? We are dealing with Alinksy-ites. Trump is not a conservative but he is the only person who challenges the propagandists and is unfazed by labels of racism.

  18. Someone made a rather interesting theory on this. Basically, Nancy and some in the media were about to throw AOC under the bus. Trump tweeting this is basically, making them circle the wagons defending AOC and rest of the squad.

  19. Agreed completely regarding Trump’s tweets making him look like an idiot. Trump is just lucky that the Unfunny Female Three Stooges gang is determined to out-idiot him.

  20. I’d prefer they get kicked out of office but I’m also glad Trump is giving them hell. I liked Pres. Bush but he never had the courage to speak out as most Republicans don’t. My hubby said it’s a good thing Trump isn’t a politician and I agree.

  21. “When will the Radical Left Congresswomen apologize to our Country, the people of Israel and even to the Office of the President, for the foul language they have used, and the terrible things they have said.”


    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

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