Trump DESTROYS Biden over Mask Mandate madness: ‘I guess he thinks it’s good politics’

Do people understand what a nationwide mandate would mean? The implications for the power of the executive branch? The ignorance of the science and our own health leaders at CDC, DHS, and more who say that Covid measures should be local, specific to an area based on its needs? Does JOE BIDEN?

No, the media and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris do not understand that. But most of the American people do, and that’s why Trump’s response was not just brilliant and correct, but savvy, when responding to the call by his opponent’s for top-down centralized control.

“While Joe Biden will allow rioters and looters and criminals and millions of illegal aliens to roam free in our country, he wants the federal government to issue a sweeping new mandate to law-abiding citizens, wants the President of the United States with the mere stroke of a pen to order over 300 million American citizens to wear a mask for a minimum of three straight months,” said Trump on Thursday. “I guess he thinks it’s good politics.”

That last rebuke about politics was perfect. I hope whoever wrote it for him gets some kudos.

“Different states are much different, both in terms of the atmosphere itself and also in terms of the Corona problem. He does not identify what authority the president has to issue such a mandate or how federal law enforcement could possibly enforce it or why we would be stepping on governors throughout our country, many of whom have done a very good job and know what is needed it.”

WATCH below, via Grabien.

Right on the button.

Masks are good, he said in the same presser. Because they are. But mandates, if they exist at all, should be highly local. That’s not just common sense and scientifically sound, it’s the way our nation works.

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