Trump DUMPS on the Mooch

This morning Trump took to Twitter to dump on Anthony Scaramucci, who the MSM apparently loves now because he’s taken a hard turn against Trump:

“Wrote a very nice book about me just recently. Now the book is a lie?” is probably the best part of Trump’s tweet above, suggesting how desperate the media have become that they will use people who are literally hypocrites.

Trump also tweeted this morning about the “great cohesion” inside the Republican Party:

I guess by that he’s referring to his own popularity via internal polling in the Republican Party. Obviously since it’s internal it’s private, so there’s no way we can see it or verify it. But it wouldn’t surprise me that he’s polling fairly high among Republicans.

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42 thoughts on “Trump DUMPS on the Mooch

    1. Based on the little I saw of the Mooch, he would surely understand being unstable. That presser that got him fired was crazy.

  1. Hes trying to assemble a team of former Cabinet members to speak out against POTUS in an effort to find a Republican challenger to the president in 2020.

    1. What is funny is he supposedly spoke with Kristol about this, but I saw Kristol tweeting trash about the Mooch over the weekend so that “friendship” did not last long.

  2. Suppose Trump is a crazy loon. What is the damage that has occurred? Best unemployment figures ever? That is crazy.

    1. the DOW is back up over 26,000 this morning, “The sky is falling” pundits can shut their traps.

    2. One of the reasons I changed my mind on Trump was seeing results and they were pretty good for the most part. I was very leery about him because I felt like he was THE candidate that the Left wanted us to pick because he would be a disaster for conservatism. Thankfully, Trump turned out to be one of the Left’s worst nightmares. Not because he was so conservative (his track record is more libertarian than actually conservative in my opinion) but because Trump was able to energize and coalesce the conservative base. We are not going to effect much return to conservative principles through one man but by the voters and the administration that a president brings in. The second reason why I started to support the president is the revealing of just how self-centered, self-hating, vicious, angry, anti-life and anti-American (just to name a few of their “better” points) those on the Left have become. Those people are insane and should never be elected within a million miles of our government. The election of this president has stripped away all pretense of humanity and patriotism from the rabid Left. Bottom line? Trump, for all his faults, will do America much more good than any of the Left candidates running. Supporting any of them is practically political and patriotic suicide.

    1. Seems like it should be a pretty big story.

      Of course, if you’re not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about./s

    1. Pander Pocahontas won’t get the Indian vote unless she calls out the gaystopo and shows up at the voting sites with free miniatures.

    2. Maybe she should show some respect and dress like the woman on the land o’lakes box. That’ll sure convince them.

    3. IKR? She’s supposed to be smart and doesn’t see how she will be laughed at for this obvious pander?

    4. wonder if she’ll bring her plagiarized “Pow Wow Chow” recipe book she ‘wrote’ (ie plagiarized recipes)

  3. When is Attorney General Barr going to start prosecuting those that scammed this country with the “Russia Collusion” nonsense?

    1. First of all AG Barr needs to move into the White House with his whole family to be safe enough to prosecute anyone. Something similar happened in Italy…….

  4. Why is Trump demeaning himself and the office he holds by trading insults with this nobody? Why does he do that? It drives me nuts!

    1. Hey Marge, doesn’t bother me at all, at least I know what he said before the medias word salad spew even when I don’t like some of Trumps tweets.

    2. Me too. Its as if he can not help himself, yet I believe he does it to, in his mind, get the truth out. I can see him responding every once in a while but not to each and everyone of them.

    3. I think he should just verbally nuke him [he did] and keep walking; refuse to answer any more questions on him UNLESS he lies about Trump’s past then he could have his office respond.

  5. Screw the Mooch, aka Avenatti’s illegitimate child with ADD, is a media prostitute, like a yapping Chihuahua who won’t get off your ankle til it gets kicked across the yard and into the next zip code.

    Now that’s something to see.. I can’t wit til Pres Trump sends him flying.. lol

  6. Anthony Scaramucci has always been a thug and continues to be a thug. When he worked in the Trump administration, he was nothing but a punk. “The Mooch” is a mooch. How anyone can think that a snake could become a swan is beyond me.

  7. OT, California citizens….well, Californians (who know who should be there and should not be there anymore) are complaining about the trash, pestilence and disease ridden streets lined with homeless, garbage and rotting food. Now, doesn’t it seem to all y’all that, if you keep electing the same sort of trash to “represent” you, all you are going to get is trash in your state? Yet another simple remark based upon something is NOT complicated at all.

    1. You said it! That’s why I’m getting pretty much zippo on my sympathy meter for them. They doubled down on stupid and enshrined it with their politicians. Frankly, the mess that they now have is mostly due to a lot of self-centered folks voting for what they can get regardless of who had to pay for it.

    1. At least he will not end up dead (he will have to live with his shame)! If this were the Clinton administration, Mooch would be suicided.

  8. Free college, free sanctuary from the law, free homelessness…
    high state income taxes… high state sales taxes…open borders…
    What a country state mess

  9. Wait a minute guys…. I am going to take an internal poll to see if I am doing a good job………………………………………………………………………………….

    Yup, 99 percent of those polled said I am doing great, and the most wonderful person they have ever met……..

    That is what I think about internal polls….

    Now as to “the Mooch” as they call him, he is a blip, he did not appeal to me when he came to Liberty for convocation a couple of years ago. Yet, I don’t really find people appealing that have no personal morals, and are willing to support anyone and anything for power…..that might just be me though.

    I don’t understand why he deserves the president taking time out of his day to respond to him. but meh also me I guess……yay team Sarc/

    1. Because the leftist media is writing article after article using the Mooch and he is making appearance after appearance, they have nothing else.

      It only takes a minute for Trump to smack him down.

  10. “But, I always hire ONLY the bestest, winningest types!!1!!”

    Ummm, no, apparently you do not.

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