Trump fires back at false claims by the NY Times about his new healthcare plan…

With his first tweets of the day, Trump is defending himself this morning against claims by the NY Times that he backed off his Obamacare replacement after McConnell told him to do so.

First, here’s briefly what the NY Times wrote yesterday:

President Trump backed off plans to introduce a Republican replacement for the Affordable Care Act after Senator Mitch McConnell privately warned him that the Senate would not revisit health care in a comprehensive way before the November 2020 elections.

Reversing himself in the face of Republican consternation, Mr. Trump said his party would not produce a health care plan of its own, as he had promised, until after the elections, meaning he will only try to fulfill his first-term promise to repeal and replace his predecessor’s signature program if he wins a second term.

But Trump says this is not true, that he never asked McConnell for a vote, nor was he ever planning a vote before the elections:

The claims by the NY Times don’t even make sense to me.

Why would Trump want the Senate to vote on a new Obamacare replacement, just to see it fail in the House controlled by Democrats?

It makes more sense that Trump would want to wait on Republicans to win back the House before trying to push this through. Also he’s clearly trying to give people a reason to vote Republicans back in.

As an aside, can you believe that Trump tweeted about fake news from the NY Times without ever mentioning his favorite phrase “Fake News”?

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101 thoughts on “Trump fires back at false claims by the NY Times about his new healthcare plan…

  1. I don’t believe anything the nyt says. They have no credibility as does much of the media nowadays.

  2. “some very talented people are now developing for me”

    Those same “talented” people (Congress) cant figure out or correct Medicaid, Medicare or the VA!!

    How about GOVERNMENT get out of health insurance & let the private market handle it.

  3. Off topic,how did McConnell’s Nuclear Option workout today.Did we get those 30+ conservative judges?.

  4. I hope that it is better than the last healthcare plan we had put forth to replace 0Care…

  5. Ya know, I was a Cruz girl all the way. I worked on his campaign here in my state and attended all his rallies here. I couldn’t stand Trump. I despised him to the point of not voting for him in the general. I voted for the freaking pot head!!! (I knew Trump would carry my state)

    Fast forward, I am enthusiastically waiting to cast my Trump vote. This man is like no GOPer I have seen since Reagan. He FIGHTS and punches back and goes after the MSM like no one else. He is still rough around the edges but I can tell he loves this country. I share many of the same outlooks on issues that he is addressing. I will admit it. He has endeared himself to me.

    So I ask, how many more voters are out there who are just like me? Many, many, many. And therein lies the democrat nominee’s problem for 2020..

    1. @56survivor Ditto! I wrote in Ted Cruz in the general. Trump has my 2020 vote! “Endeared” May be a little too far for me……

    2. @56survivor – Trump was/is definitely a diamond in the ruff that a lot of us didn’t see. Honestly, I really feel that God called him for such a time as this. God chooses the (what the world sees) foolish things to confound those who think themselves to be wise.
      He genuinely LOVES America & the people!

    3. @56survivor I’m exactly where you are. I voted third party as well in 2016 because of how horrible he was to Cruz. But he’ll have my vote in 2020.

  6. Why does anyone care about anything in the discredited NYT? If POTUS ignored the NYT, they might just dry up and blow away.

  7. Well, I sure hope Trump has a good plan because Obamacare made my health care go through the roof.

  8. I love all the mind readers declaring, “There’s no plan.” Why do people want to sound like Chuck Schumer?

    There are more likely 50 plans to “replace” Obamacare. They have been actively discussed since 2009. How did everyone miss that?

    Also, bills have already been introduced and scored by the CBO. How did the mind readers miss that?

    It’s almost like healthcare only became a topic today.

    Trump has had his own plan going since 2017. There’s even an old site from 2017 dedicated to it called, surprisingly enough, (it’s not operated by Trump or any of his folks, but it’s proof that these plans have existed for years.)

    Heritage has a plan on their frontpage. Several of us have posted our own plans, right here.

    I mean, how stupid can these mind readers be?

    1. Then perhaps you could tell me which one Trump is claiming to be his “secret plan” he’ll unveil after the 2020 election. I’d even be satisfied if you could simply reveal which of the 50 plans the GOP itself has decided to coalesce around.

      1. Sure you will.

        You don’t need a signed copy. You just need to review the plans to see what ideas are being worked on. Let’s see your major problem with the ideas included in the bills I linked to, or the Heritage plan.

        They all have common aspects. Which has been obvious for many years.

          1. So you demand the full plan, but “a lot of words” is bad.

            Here, let me be more direct: you have no real argument other than “it’s not done already,” which really is no argument at all.

            1. You: “Here’s a list of 50 plans no one has taken any action on and were in fact rejected in favor of the failed plan they backed.”

              Me: “Great. So which one is Trump promoting or is the GOP going to get behind this time?”

              You: “I dunno.”

              Me: “…”

              1. You: there is no plan

                Me: I just showed you lots of plans.

                You: I choose to remain ignorant of those and claim there is no plan.

                With a firm reliance on ignorance, you make a stand for nothing.

                1. All of those plans were previously rejected in favor of the one Congress failed to pass and there’s been no action at all taken on them since. So again which plan are you claiming is under consideration because I’ve seen this movie played out too many times before to rely on a “Trust me.”

                2. “So again which plan are you claiming is under consideration :

                  Where did I make such a claim?

                  The only plan that matters is whichever one they bring up in committee next. Not which one is being called “the plan.”

                  It’s not difficult to follow how the process works. I understand some folks can’t stand wsiting.

      1. Yes, by all means, ignore the link and recommended sites. It makes you seem much smarter to remain blissfully ignorant.

        1. If Trump has a plan, we need to be voting on that plan for the next elections. I don’t want to see a surprise after he wins because then he is not answerable to anyone. He said he had a plan in 2015. A big great plan that would cover everybody for less, repeated that many many many times. I don’t need you putting out links, I want Tump to put out the plan he promised.

  9. I like the “fake news” label better. They’ve earned it a million times over.

    One good thing is that left winger McCain won’t be able to block the downfall of Obamacare. No, I’m not saying I’m glad he’s dead, but rather that he’s not in Congress any more.

      1. @dinodoc I didn’t mention a plan. You know as well as I do that no one knows what the Republicans are planning but we also know that Obamacare has to go.

        1. I don’t think they actually have a plan to remove 0care given the utter failure the effort was the first time despite claiming for years to have one.

            1. I think Elvis said it best: “A little less conversation, a little more action, please”

              1. @dinodoc I’m not very optimistic. Republicans ran on this for seven years. It’s catastrophic they said. Yet they couldn’t get it done even with control over both houses. They can’t even unite amongst themselves and many of them lied about wanting to get rid of it. However, the only way it’s going to get done is through them. We don’t have a choice.

      1. @wendzpnw He may have been a war hero, but as a conservative politician he was a traitor. His death did not sadden me either.

          1. @wendzpnw Anyone that is held as a POW is given war hero status pretty much by default even though they didn’t do anything but survive and make it back home. My comment was just based on that fact, not that he had accomplished anything of great value.

            As for the article I’ve never seen a reputable news source make the claims made in that article. I don’t know them to be true or false because I’ve never heard anyone make the accusations. I take everything with a grain of salt that is posted by an unknown source that has not earned a reputation of reporting verifiable facts.

            For all I know that site could be no better than Alex Jones. Do you know of a reputable news source that has cited these claims as well?

            1. To be honest Kong, in today’s media I don’t know if there is such a thing as reputable news anymore.
              This article caught my attention because it was posted on Gab last week.

              1. @wendzpnw That is true about the media, but I would think the MSM would have been all over this at some point if it was true. In any case it doesn’t matter at this point. The man won’t be a pain in our side any more.

  10. Oh, the Republicans want to create a national healthcare package (one that covers pre-existing conditions in defiance of all reason and economic sense)?

    Hmm. So, you’re telling me NOT to vote for them, correct? Got it. Thanks Donald. I definitely will not vote for Republicans in the next election.

      1. Well, the alternative surely is WAY worse and will cost us dearly in the long run.

        1. @the-sane-silence-dogood I definately agree with that, no other options but Trump. Democrats are never getting my vote while they are the party of moloch

      2. I`m getting tired of having to vote for ‘the lesser of two evils’ every election cycle.

      1. She might as well run as a democrat-anyone paying attention knows she’s as liberal as they come!!

    1. ObamaDonaldcare.

      He basically just crossed out the words “Hope and Change” and scribbled MAGA on the front page.

      1. That’s what it sounds like. Makes me curious why TRS thinks it’ll be a great campaign issue.

    2. Join the discussion…You know that wonderful plan for health care that Mexico is going to pay for.

  11. This plan is just a figment of his imagination. He has been touting it since 2015 but never gave the look when it was time to replace in the last two years. Just keep the government out of healthcare totally, and we will do just fine. Anything these guys come up with will get bastardized into a version of Obamacare anyway

  12. Uh huh. Didn’t he just last week say that he was “moving forward” legislatively? And didn’t McConnell say he told Trump that the senate wouldn’t act before the election?

    In any case, it’d be great to actually see this plan. Because I’m beginning to think there isn’t one.

    1. It’s pretty obvious. He’s going to build a wall to repel all the bad health and disease and stuff and discourage it from entering our bodies illegally, and he’s going to commit more federal law enforcement to round up the pre-existing conditions and remove them.

  13. Wow, what an ego on Trump. This is why you could not put Trump on the stand to testify during the Mueller investigation…. he’s so…. erratic.

  14. Yes, the NYT doesn’t make sense (does it ever?) Trump is counting on the Dems overplayed move to the left to turn off voters and we’ll regain the House.

  15. At this rate, we’ll all have to fly to India to get actual healthcare.

    I swear, Texas ought to do what Montana did a while back regarding gun laws, and just declare that federal laws regarding healthcare are only for interstate commerce, and then establish a world class heathcare system for people in Texas (even temporarily), all based on free market principles.

    Lead the way.

    1. I had a British friend travel to India … 5-star hospital for treatment that was prompt, professional and affordable. There are many popping up in Thailand too. US trained docs all the way.

      1. @thor77 5 years ago I saw a documentary that followed people who went to India for knee replacement surgery. Their all-inclusive, out-of-pocket cost was around $10K, which was a few thousand less than what they would owe here, *after* insurance paid their part.

        It was excellent care and rehab.

        1. Yep. My friend who did it in India sings praises even a decade later. Plus, you get to see another country.

    2. @k-bob the moment you said, “based on free market principles” I knew you were onto something.

  16. Yesterday, I posted an article from the Heritage Foundation which explained what they thought was Trump’s healthcare plan. It sounds as though there are still people working on it. Guess we’re going to have to wait and see.

    As for the Old Grey Hag they continue to publish lies, don’t know what they’re talking about but pretend they do. 😡

  17. @therightscoop I hope it’s ok to ask the smart people of TRS an off topic medical related question. Any advice would be appreciated.
    My daughter has severe panic attacks and none of the medicines doctors have prescribed over the last couple of years have helped her. Some meds have made things worse, not better.
    I’ve heard about CBD oils usefulness for various things like PTSD and other psychological disorders and did a little research myself. What I found seems very positive and wanted to know if anyone has any personal knowledge of CBD oils usage.
    *the irritating thing I found is that they are professionally made in legitimate laboratories and prescribed by doctors in states that have legalized marijuana but can not be bought online and shipped to states where pot is illegal.

      1. @sjmom Thanks. Prayer is powerful indeed. What I hope for is anyone who has experience and/or knowledge of someone who has been helped by them as an alternative to conventional prescription medicines.

    1. My concerns with CBD oil is that if it is all the panacea that it’s made out to be we’d actually be seeing HUGE differences and major cures with its usage. It can give relief perhaps in some things according to anecdotes but no real studies have been done as to what it can actually do. In other words I’m thinking that it’s been overhyped as the “next big thing”. I’ve been involved in alternative medicine for more than 40 years (full disclosure, I am not a doctor so any advice here is merely suggestion) and I’ve seen all too many of these things come and go as the “great cure all for what ails ya” and I’ve seen people (myself included) rush out and buy boatloads of the products only to find that there really was no there there after all the hype and spending loads of money. Now what I have found and there is solid research out there for people suffering for nervous disorders and that is not a drug, supplement or herb but changing what we eat. We do not have a lack of supplements but usually a lack of nutrients. Without going into a long drawn out diatribe I would suggest looking into the ketogenic or carnivore diets. They are good for relieving central nervous system disorders (of which conditions such as anxiety, TBI symptoms and PTSD are a part) because they help support nerve signal transport. Basically, treat the underlying cause of the problems not just put a bandaid on the symptoms which is all things like CBD oil and most supplements would do. Sorry this is so long but there is no real short answer to your question. Hope you may find this helpful.

      1. @philliethoiughts I tried hemp oil, and it seemed to help a little with the arthritis. I think that I’ll try it again.

        1. Doc, what’s the difference between Hemp Oil and CBD? Aren’t they all derivatives of marijuana ?

          1. @Landscaper Good question, it must be extracted differently or something. CBD could possibly be from the psychoactive plant.

            Edit: OK, hemp oil comes from the seeds, CBD from the leaves and flowers.

          2. CBD is made from the male plants, so no THC, yet is contains all the things that medical marijuana gives aid with, without the THC. Same medical value with no buzz and she will not test positive for THC.

              1. @dr-strangelove Not after the extraction process, whereas the female plants would still pass along the THC during said process.

      2. @philliesthoughts This sounds logical, but then I can hear my doctor whispering in my ear…cholesterol and saturated fats! Who to believe??

        1. Now they say cholesterol has zero to do with heart disease, so go eat some fried chicken and enjoy.

      3. CBD oil and E-liquids most definitely relieve anxiety. Doctors are recommending it’s usage now. My mother-in-law was just told by her doctor to start using it for this exact purpose.

    2. I hear good things about it, I’m not sure about panic attacks, though. I do know that it’s not cheap.

    3. I wonder if getting some counseling would be better so she can learn coping skills and get to the cause of her anxiety. Unless there’s a neurological problem that must be addressed by medication, I agree that some of the medications may do more harm than good. Or they may solve one problem, but cause another.

      I wish you both all the best and hope you and your daughter can get the help she needs!

    4. Yoga followed by Meditation … definitely cant hurt. But find a good teacher .. not the factories you see all over. You can augment with meds and other alternatives too in the short term, but this is more for the long run

    5. @Landscaper My neighbor went from bed-bound to up and walking after she started using CBD oil. I hear it’s wonderful for pain, and only wish it was available when my husband was so sick. I’ve not heard anything about its uses for panic attacks.

    6. @Landscaper I’ve looked this up, and it seems to be very effective for anxiety, which is the precursor to panic attacks.

    7. Reading this easy to understand book cured my panic attacks almost immediately.

      Also, if she wants to harmlessly try a CBD solution, you can easily and legally buy your CBD E-liquid for vaping at Hemp Bombs. They are one of the most reliable manufacturers of the juice. Using less than the 1000 mg juice is wasting her time. Start with 1000 mg, chances are it will calm her anxiety, and with zero effects on mental functioning. This E-liquid will not get her high and is one of the most misunderstood products in the marketplace. People should not be so close minded.

      1. @landscaper Also, the book was written by two doctors who suffered from panic attacks. The book is worth 1000x the price of $7 or $8.

    8. Hey Landscaper! Dr. Joan Larson, founder of the Health Recovery Center in Minneapolis, has written two excellent books that deal with the natural treatment of chemical imbalances in the body and brain relating to depression and alcoholism–“Depression Free, Naturally,” and “Seven Weeks to Sobriety.”

      “Depression Free, Naturally” also covers anxiety, despair, fear, and fatigue (all related); and I highly recommend it to anyone suffering from these disorders.

      (For my friends here who suffer from alcoholism, I recommend “Seven Weeks to Sobriety. It covers not only the imbalances behind alcoholism, but also the ways to repair the damage done to the body and brain from prolonged, excessive drinking.)

      These books are starting to get dated, and I wish that Dr. Larson would release second editions. (I don’t recall CBD Oil being discussed in DPN. Ha!) But they are still excellent books.

      Finding the right medication(s) in the beginning can be a long and difficult process. Not only are you trying to find the right drug, but the right dosage. Plus these drugs usually take some time to achieve their effects. Add to that the possibility of using more than one drug, and the trial and error process can get quite discouraging; especially, like you said, when you get one that does more harm than good. (Been there, done that.)

      I deal with depression and anxiety, not alcoholism (even though it runs in my family). For me, it ended up being just a small daily dose of Paroxetine (Paxil). For the first few years, though, after the trial and error period, the dose was much higher, and I was also on Clonazepam (Klonopin) daily for the anxiety.

      Paroxitine is a bit of a rarity in that it can treat both depression and anxiety. I still keep the Clonazepam on hand, though, for the times when I can actually sense an attack coming. I’ll take it once or twice or for a couple of days based on how I feel, and that usually keeps me from getting a full blown attack. And I have always used Alprazolam (Xanax) to treat those full-blown attacks, which I am happy to say have gone from an almost daily occurrence in the very beginning to a less-than-annual rarity over the last twenty years.

      I still get people and Dr.s who say “Why do you use both Alprazolam and Clonazepam when they are so similar?” I respond with, “Hey, back off!” (In a nice way of course.) This is the combination of drugs and dosages that I eventually found to work for me, and I’m not messing with it. Interestingly, while I only need a very low dose of Paroxetine now to feel relatively normal, I would be a complete basket case without it. The point is that every body is different, so please tell your daughter to keep slugging through the trial and error period. She will eventually find what works for her.

      There are also anxiety attack workbooks available that are very helpful. They can help your daughter identify triggers and show her what to do when she has an attack to help minimize it (and more).

      I don’t know if your daughter is being treated by her family GP or a specialist, or if she is getting counseling or not, but I would recommend that she a psychiatrist (one who specializes in anxiety and depression) who can help her with both the counseling and the meds together.

      My best wishes for your daughter and for you, Landscaper

      1. Thanks so much Matty. Much of what you wrote is her same experiences too. I’ll see if I can find a copy of “Depression Free, Naturally” and get it to her.

  18. Trump has every right to call out these Leftist frauds. And while I’m angry that this wasn’t addressed when republicans controlled everything (the perfect time compared to when democrats rammed it through in 2010 when they controlled everything) – this current strategy (as an afterthought imo) is a responsible way to proceed.

    I’m still burning up that republicans want to “REPLACE” obamacare. As we all know and have been screaming since this nightmare began, the government has no right whatsoever to do this! Funny how “rescind” is no longer on the menu.

    1. Exactly.

      We want Obamacare repealed. Period.

      And then, separately, we also need all the other federal regulations on healthcare, the myriad of 100 years worth of previous market interventions, the garbage laws that lead to the problems Obamacare was supposed to fix, we want all that stuff repealed, too.

  19. How about this for a Government healthcare plan? GET OUT OF THE HEALTHCARE BUSINESS!!

    Sorry, sometimes I can’t help but to yell.

  20. I don’t want the Federal government involved with healthcare. The only thing that should happen with obamacare is it’s complete removal, no replacement, nada. Things were just fine before all that socialist non-sense.

    1. @Taurnil Problem is, many people have become dependent on it, it’s a whaddayacallit now, like welfare and SSI.

  21. I agree with RS & the president about republicans waiting until after the election. Whatever the republicans put out now would not make it past the house & the liberals would only lie & distort, with the help of the MSM, any proposal except their own. :thumbsup:

  22. Why can’t we at least see the plan? I understand that introducing a health care plan is part of his 2020 campaign but let’s see if it’s really better.

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