Trump ‘flip flop’ on Common Core is going viral, but it’s a MISTAKE – here’s PROOF!

People are freaking out over a clip of Trump today saying that he would keep Common Core.

Here’s the clip:

But, if you look at it in context, it’s clear that he just misspoke. Here’s a longer clip:

This is an edit by el Scoopo himself, wherein he spliced together two different parts of the speech to show that Trump probably just slipped up.

There’s no way that he changed his mind within a few minutes – NOT EVEN Trump is that flip-floppy. But then it might be pointing to the real problem with Trump as a presidential candidate:


El Trumpo is trying to play it off:

But that’s not quite accurate – he can’t even bring himself to admit he screwed up.

UPDATE (TRS): Here’s the full video with NO splicing in case you wanted to see it. You’ll see why I spliced it. He just goes on and on and on….between clips:

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