TRUMP GOES OFF THE RAILS AGAIN: Calls for a NEW ELECTION in Iowa or Cruz results nullified

Trump has been calling Ted Cruz a fraud all morning, suggesting he illegally stole the election via the Ben Carson mix up. You can read about that here.

Now Trump is calling for a new election in Iowa, based on the same premise:

How ridiculous is this? I honestly don’t think Trump is serious about a new election. Rather he just wants something else to make an issue out of, to keep attacking Ted Cruz to try and hurt him in the next primary states. And of course his most ardent followers will be repeating this stupid attack everywhere. And the media will make a huge issue out of it like they always do with his idiotic attacks.


We’ve seen over and over again that Trump fights dirty. I’ve been calling him ‘The Desperate Donald’ and while I really do think he is desperate, especially after his loss in Iowa, I also think he’s just this nasty. It’s like his default position. He’s a nasty guy and if he wins we will have four years of nasty attacks like this leveled against anyone and everyone who doesn’t kiss his ring.

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