Trump HEAPS more PRAISE on dictator Kim Jong Un (and himself) [FULL interview]

President Trump heaped more praise on the vicious evil sadistic dictator Kim Jong Un and said they had a lot of “chemistry” and that they understood each other.

Here’s the entire interview with Bret Baier from today:

Trump says there is NO imminent troop drawdown in North Korea – that’s good. Had he agreed to that, then it would have been disastrous and definitely a sign that he got schnookered by Kim Jong Un.

He doesn’t give a very good answer about China – he just assumes that they have good will in these negotiations, and they definitely do not.

He also puts a lot of faith in his personality to be able to get something done here that no other president has done – and he hasn’t gotten a real agreement yet.

People are pointing to the exchange where Trump is basically excusing Kim Jong Un for slaughtering and murdering and torturing his own people. It’s here where he says “we understand each other” and tries to downplay what Un has done.

Some people say this is just a negotiating tactic, but it follows in line with the praise he’s heaped on people like Vladimir Putin, Erdogan of Turkey, and other despots.

Finally, he says he’s done more than any president in their first 500 days in U.S. history ever. “There’s nobody close.” Of course he has. #MAGA!!!

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