Trump hilariously mocks Biden bike fall, busts CNN for “putting a clamp” on saying ‘The Big Lie’ ever again.

Trump had at least two hilarious moments today, if not more. First, in the genuinely funny way, he made of Biden falling off his bike while it was stationary. And then, at the rally in Memphis, called out CNN for having to drop the phrase “the big lie” from their shows.

The second one is hilarious not so much in the laugh out loud way as in the ha ha they are totally busted way.

But both so great.

Here’s the meme that you will watch like 90 times.

Seriously, it’s so short but so perfect I actually belly laughed when I first saw it.

Second, here’s the clip from the rally ripping CNN and pointing out they probably had to do this for liability reasons.

“I think they’re worried about the legal liability of using that term, because I think they realize it wasn’t a big lie.”

I don’t think I’d go so far as to give the network credit for “realizing” anything, but I can totally buy they – or their new owners at least – are worried about liability.

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