Trump is doing some ‘SCHITT’ talking from his twitter

Not sure if this was intentional, but el Presidente Trumpo is mocking Adam Schiff with a new name.

Yes he will now be known as Adam Schitt.

Poor little fella.

He also addressed the migrant caravans that are now arriving at the border.

“Go home!”

Yeah I found this very odd with the Honduran migrants. Why would you be so proud of a country that was so violence-stricken that you had to leave it for your safety? On the other hand, it’s more like a symbol of Honduran nationality, not necessarily the government. Even so, if they carried U.S. flags instead, I think it wouldn’t have been as contentious an issue.

I’m gonna be honest, I don’t like the use of the term “invasion” that many use to describe the caravans – I know many of you will disagree. It’s enough that a nation has the right to protect its borders, I don’t see the necessity in demonizing all of these people – some of whom definitely need help. But this is a very unpopular opinion on the right.

Regardless of all of that, it’s a damn good thing that Trump is trying to hold the line on illegal immigration. It is absolutely insane that people defend the presence of 22 million illegals in any country. On that, I am very #MAGA.

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