Trump just accused Ted Cruz’s father of aiding Lee Harvey Oswald before he assassinated JFK

Talk about despicable. Trump this morning accused Ted Cruz’s father of helping Lee Harvey Oswald just before Oswald assassinated JFK. It was during a segment where Fox and Friends played the remarks of Rafael Cruz exhorting Christians to vote for Cruz. So in response to that, Trump lashes out by bringing up this National Enquirer garbage about Rafael Cruz and Lee Harvey Oswald, asking “what was he doing with Lee Harvey Oswald shortly before the shooting? It’s horrible!”


Why couldn’t Trump just acknowledge that Rafael is Cruz’s father and say ‘of course he’s going to say things like that’? He didn’t have to attack the man in such a despicable way. But this is exactly who Trump is and unfortunately he’s closer than anyone else to winning the nomination.

What a disgusting puke. It’s comments like this that reveal his character more than anything else and why #NeverTrump exists.

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