Trump just TORCHED Omarosa and there’s VIDEO…

On this episode of The Apprentice: Oval Office Shenanigans, President Trump is told by his aides not to talk about Omarosa, not to mention Omarosa, don’t even start saying words that begin with the letter “o” just in case they happen to transmute into the word “Omarosa” as they exit his mouth.

So of course, he talks about Omarosa.

The way she writes it, it sounds like she was reading into his actions that he called her a lowlife.

Oh no, he said it.

Here’s the video:

What’s interesting is that everyone is laughing in the background – you can tell they’re all having a great time. Which is odd because I thought the media and Trump were locked in an existential battle of mutual destruction. Sounds like fun tho!

IN any case, the reason he’s so angry is that she’s going around saying there’s video of Trump saying the n-word from his time at The Apprentice and she says in her book that someone told her they heard it. But then she said in an interview with NPR that SHE heard it herself. Even NPR, who hates Trump, is like, uh, that doesn’t make sense, lady.

And as always, there’s a Trump tweet:

Tune in next time for the next dramatic episode of The Apprentice: Oval Office Shenanigans!!!

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