Trump KEEPS PRESSING for RUSSIA at G-7 press conference, BLAMES OBAMA!!

In an odd, but very Trumpy, press conference after the G-7 meeting, Trump unabashedly acted as Russia’s biggest advocate, and pressed for it to be allowed back into the G-7.

Watch below – at about the 16:25 mark:

When a reporter points out that Russia was kicked out of the G-8 after they invaded the Crimea, Trump absolutely deflects and blames Obama – he doesn’t address what should be done now at all. Keep in mind, he has said in the past that Russia should give back the Crimea. Now, it’s all Obama’s fault, and that’s it.

So, we can’t do anything to right a wrong, because Obama, that’s why!!!

I actually saw someone on Fox News argue that Trump *can’t* be in Russia’s pocket because he would be foolish to advocate for them while being pressured to be anti-Russia. So no matter what he does, whether he’s pro-Russia or anti-Russia, it’s all evidence that he’s not pro-Russia. Pretty amazing. Now we know it’s all Obama’s fault, and that’s all we need to know about anything. #MAGA!!!


I am reminded that no one cares about Russia, so instead, here’s when Trump bashed CNN!! It’s the best.

Yeah sock it to them!! #MAGA!!!

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