Trump lawyer calls Mueller edit ‘DESPICABLE’ and ‘UNFAIR’ – here are the two versions side by side

So after the full transcript of Trump lawyer John Dowd’s call to Mike Flynn’s lawyer was released, the media went with “THIS IS ABSOLUTE PROOF OF OBSTRUCTION” or something, I couldn’t tell through the loud yelling.

BUT other people found something very interesting – an edited version of the call in the Mueller report.

The biggest problem is that it excised the comment where the lawyer says they weren’t looking for “confidential” information.

AND Dowd commented on this discrepancy and said it was unfair:

Well, unfortunately, Flynn admitted guilt. So would this have made a big difference? Would he have not admitted guilt otherwise? I haven’t seen a definitive statement that it would have, but if anyone has, feel free to let me know.

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This is just horrible.

Ever used that phrase “cat and mouse game”? Here’s what it really looks like:


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This is adorable:

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