Trump lead collapsing in a yuge RED STATE that Romney WON BIGLY…

Here’s another red flag that Trump isn’t winning as much as his crazed cult followers want you to believe – he’s barely winning Texas when Romney won the state by 17 points.

Here’s how he’s doing in three different polls right now:

So, on average, just three percentage points above Hillary, and within the margin of error. Now, here’s how Romney was doing four years ago at about this time:

SIXTEEN points!! That proved to be pretty accurate, as Romney beat out Obama by 15.8% eventually in the 2012 election.

There are a lot of insane conspiracy theories about the polls over-sampling Democrats (sound familiar, Romney2012 alumni? lol!), but if you’re comparing one poll to the polling at the same time four years ago, I don’t see how they could rig these things. But then I don’t have a tinfoil Trump hat on, so I’m susceptible to chemtrails and flouride in the water.

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