Trump loved Rush Limbaugh’s appearance on Fox News so much, he quoted him [FULL interview!]

El Presidente Trumpo loved the appearance of Rush Limbaugh on Fox News so much that he quoted from it on his twitter:

It’s a good interview, Chris Wallace makes Limbaugh answer many tough questions, which makes for more interesting television, I think, than just hearing what you believe over and over. That’s what church is for.

Here’s the whole interview:

Here’s Rush explaining, kinda, why Obama overreached in the executive but Trump isn’t:

Another clip:

About imprisoning FBI officials:

He denies that he makes Trump’s policies:

Wallace is getting panned for asking tough questions, but I think they were fair, and frankly, I think Rush is best when he is pushed on issues, not just when he can go on uncontested. That said, there were a lot of straw man fallacies flying around in this interview.

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30 thoughts on “Trump loved Rush Limbaugh’s appearance on Fox News so much, he quoted him [FULL interview!]

  1. It appears the word denoting ‘a delicate, fragile, susceptible amalgamation of ice crystals’ is offensive to someone.

  2. I really wish Rush would have done a better job answering Wallace’s fallacies of equivocation regarding Obama and Trump. Obama created laws out of thin air. Laws that ran in direct opposition to laws created by Congress. This is a power that was NEVER given to ANY president, much less Obama. Obama himself admitted as such on may occasions.

    Trump is using a power GIVEN to the President and used MANY times in the past by many presidents for MUCH less of an emergency. This is NOT the same thing by any stretch. And the reason Trump didn’t want to go this route is because he is forced to used funds that were intended for other military projects, and the military has been so hollowed out by Obama.

  3. I’ve caught Rush a few times lately and he goes on and on about how the MSM says that Tromp is getting his marching orders from El Rushblow. While he goes to great lengths to deny it, I get the impression that he’s secretly pleased.

  4. What Obama did was UNCONSTITUTIONAL: he MADE a law out of thin air; something that the President is NOT allowed to do. These were powers Obama was NEVER given. He took a law that Congress passed and made it do the OPPOSITE of what Congress intended. Trump is using powers that WERE GIVEN to the president. This has NOTHING to do with what Rush likes or doesn’t like.

  5. If POTUS is listening to Limbaugh for advice it’s better than if he were to listen to turtle or Lindsaaaaayyy.

  6. One straw man was that Wallace ONLY brought up one of Obama’s unilateral emergencies (It related to opening the border), instead of emergencies or other executive orders that were clearly an over-reach for the executive branch. I don’t like Wallace. He is a liberal just trying to live up to his daddy’s name.

  7. People who do not believe that the democrat party and it’s member Obama, is not one of America’s enemies within are people that ignore facts, reason, and the enemies withing.

  8. See Justin Amash’s rebuttal of Congress giving up its powers to the President.

    Just like former President Barack Obama’s decision to issue executive orders regarding the DAPA and DACA programs because he did not want to wait for Congress was improper, so are Trump’s actions here. TheConstitution grants the budgetary power to Congress; there is no exception for the executive branch to swoop in whenever the president is feeling impatient.

    There’s more. A LOT more.

    Read the whole thing.

  9. Rush Limbaugh is America’s gold standard for truth and honesty all across the board of American life and politics. He exposes the frauds and the scammers in broad open day light that all Americans who are interested and care will get the cold hard facts that can keep Americans free and living in liberty.

  10. Your remark about the Church being the place to go is to hear what you believe repeated over and over is ill advised, stupid, and shows lack of proper discernment about that faith. That is not at all what the Church is here for.

  11. That’s the most consecutive minutes of Rush I’ve listened to in at least 8 years. I have to say he still sounds pretty sharp. Looks like his setup for helping him hear is working really well.

    The only gotcha moment was the comparison between Obama’s amnesty Executive Order and Trump’s emergency declaration. And it wasn’t really a gotcha. Rush just went to right vs. wrong.

    But the two aren’t the same. Obama’s DACA amnesty via executive order is like giving money to the disadvantaged: it solves a problem for a very specific group of people. Open borders are a critical problem for the nation as a whole, both in terms of direct economic/political upheaval and in terms of national sovereignty.

    That’s a massive difference.

  12. Tough questions? Some may think so. I don’t. If they were tough, Rush would have struggled to answer them. I didn’t see Rush struggle. I saw Rush rolling like a steam roller.

  13. Candidly, it’s this fawning sycophantic “Trump is the savior of all things and can’t do any wrong” sort of slobbery behavior that turned me off politics when he was first elected. I saw a real, actual conservative (Ted Cruz) come on the scene and all the supposed conservatives, including Limbaugh and that sell-out Sean Hannity, proved they are nothing more than con artists telling us what we want to hear so they can get our money.

    Trump has done some good things, but when you compare him to a true, principled conservative and think what we could have had…it still sickens me.

    Scoop, your site is virtually the only political site I still read. Drudge turned my stomach along with the rest of the Trump faithful.

  14. Question to the end of the 1st video.

    Then why did Trump sign the stupid bill if it was a trap to keep him from doing what he wanted to do?

  15. So Trump praises Rush Limbaugh in the Rose garden, Limbaugh goes on Fox to defend Trump, Trump praises Limbaugh’s defense of him, and they play golf together at Mar a Lago; yet Limbaugh says he has no influence on Trump’s policies. I’m not buying it.

  16. 3 years and counting since I’ve listened to Limbaugh or cared what he says. I’m just curious if he’s still using his phony “conservatism has worked when ever it’s been tried” spiel?

  17. When Rush said about Biden “Plagiarist, nickname Plugs” I couldn’t stop laughing. I don’t listen to Rush anymore but I have to say Kudos to him on this interview. It was a good one.

  18. Rush made some great points in the interview, one of them was that Obama’s EOs were protecting illegals, while Trump’s is protecting the country from invaders.

  19. I agree with Rush on the Mueller farce. But, Trump should tune in to TRS. We don’t hold back! In praise and criticism.

  20. I had to laugh how Wallace didn’t dare to question Rush’s remarks and just took them.
    He totally took him down about the 0bama emergencies.
    There’s a clear difference between doing an emergency for some evil plan(Obama) and for protecting America(Trump).
    Wallace is the defintion of Anti-American D.C. globalist elitism.

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