Trump MOCKS Bill de Blasio after he drops out of the 2020 race….and more!

This morning Bill de Blasio announced he is dropping out of the 2020 race for president:

NY POST – Mayor Bill de Blasio finally pulled the plug on his ill-fated presidential bid that failed to draw more than 1 percent support in national polls — but brought plenty of ire from New Yorkers who elected him to run the country’s largest city.

“I feel like I’ve contributed all I can to this primary election and it’s clearly not my time so I’m going to end my presidential campaign,” de Blasio said on “Morning Joe” Friday, over four months after launching his long-shot campaign on May 16.

The 58-year-old — notorious for his tardiness at official city events — said he “started later than I would have liked.”

Not long after he made his announcement, Trump took to Twitter and mocked him for his failed presidential bid:

I’m not sure I remember Trump ever being this sarcastic, except for the last line of course. LOL!

Trump also defended himself again this morning from the intel scandal allegations…

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91 thoughts on “Trump MOCKS Bill de Blasio after he drops out of the 2020 race….and more!

    1. You would have a stronger case if we hadn’t been battling the Left’s total domination of the Media/Academia/Entertainment universe. For decades now our representatives have either turned the other cheek, played by the rules, or simply tried to “act civilly” and look where it’s gotten us: our culture is teetering on the brink.

      We have been desperate for someone to cut through and speak the truth. And too bad Lefties, but you wouldn’t listen to us when we spoke nicely. So this is what you get. Own it!

    2. … no, what was pathetic was Obama bowing to a Saudi Prince and dancing with Ellen on national television. Trump owned that weasel De Blah Blah Blahsio. That was funny, I don’t care who you are!

    3. “Remember, he is President of the United States!”

      Does that mean he has to lose his sense of humor? Come on, get a grip!

      1. Bingo Joy, he is the first President who takes no crap off anyone especially the vile hateful media . I used to scream at my TV for Pres. Bush to defend himself, he never would and took all the cheap shots that came his way.

      2. I didn’t know the Presidency was a stepping stone to become the roastmaster for a Comedy Central special. I mean he was roasted there so maybe he thinks he is funny. I guess you’re right – the Oval Office means nothing. All of the men that preceded him would be proud.

        1. And yet back in the day we all loved Reagan’s humor. Well those on the right did. Even some on the left.

        2. Do you honestly believe that Barack Obama or Bill Clinton were respectful of the Oval Office and their position? I don’t.

        1. Absolutely. Based on DeBlasios unpopularity with his constituents, they probably feel the exact same way and mock him too.

        2. Well I would but I’m a nobody, so at least Trump can do it for myself and others. Which is probably what many people love about him.

        1. Apparently folks prefer the President act like a politician.

          Funny. It is politicians who act one way in DC swamp and another way in public that got us to where we are today.

      1. Dems have been acting like this for years….where have you been? Did you not see the Lewandowski mock trial? Did you not see the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing? Did you not watch the Mueller report fiasco?

        Trump is the person we need for the times to fight back and attack the idiots on the left and RINO’s who are destroying this country. Sure, he’s his own late night comedy/talk show sometimes, but I for one love it.

        But of course for some it’s always going to be about, “GET TRUMP!”

        1. Exactly. And now Nadler is threatening Lewandowski with contempt of Congress. He’s furious that Corey showed America what fools they are.

        2. Fighting back is for people like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, and others people who hang out under Trumps besk daily making excuses for his behavior.

          The presidents job is to be the leader of all American citizens, Republican and Democrat, weather they like him or not.

  1. Excellent. Trump owns crybaby dead horse beater Schiff again. Poor NYC…Their mayor is back. Time to regulate that evil chocolate milk.

  2. Trump keeps everyone distracted while his ace cabinet gets work done.
    Not a bad system in today’s media environment, somebody has to be out front, Trump fits there quite well.

  3. So the Left (and others) is mad that Trump asked the Ukraine’s to keep investigating Biden about him threatening to not give them 1 billion dollars unless they fire the prosecutor that is investigating Biden’s sons company. I think the later is the story. He should be investigated. Crocked politician threatens ally for monetary gain.

    1. It is sort of like when the Democrats decided to go after Trump for obstructing an investigation that was meant to end his Presidency which was started by leaked memos by the FBI Director and a dossier constructed by Hillary and the DNC.

      They are so good at going after the low hanging fruit…

    2. The Left is a one trick pony with deflect, deflect, deflect and when that doesn’t work? Deflect! The Left doesn’t want scrutiny because their tactics can’t stand the light of day. The silly part is that they think everyone is too stupid to notice that they’ve got no clothes on as long as they can get people to look elsewhere.

  4. Deblasio is more qualified than some of the others in the race like his fellow mayor Buttboy, but he had no rational or message running for president. We New Yorkers were glad to have him in Iowa and NH rather than messing up our city.

  5. “NYC is devastated, he’s coming home!” is pretty funny.
    I’ve heard through various sources that de Blasio isn’t very popular in NYC.

  6. Hey Donald! How are you coming with declaring Antifa a domestic terror organization? Do you think you’ll have time to squeeze any real work in between Twitter, Candy Crush and Fox & Friends?

      1. I agree, we have to do something. The right things.

        Abolish the NFA. Legalize Constitutional carry and national reciprocity. Abolish so-called ‘gun free’ zones. Eliminate arbitrary magazine capacity limits.

        And then the big one… Actually prosecute criminals that use a gun in the commission of a crime.

        THAT would be doing something.

  7. That last line of Trump’s tweet was comedy gold. I’m not usually a fan but I gotta say I loved that.

      1. Yes he does. And no one deserves it more than the “perpetually offended” and their tiresome whining.

    1. Interesting. I actually thought all those names and the story sounded believable considering when it happened. Knowing Joe though, and his tenuous relationship with the truth, I certainly wasn’t going to defend him.

  8. Pretty rich considering Trump supported De Blasio for mayor and said these things about him. ” He’s a smart guy that knows what’s going on in the big league and I think he is not going to want to destroy New York. I think pretty strongly that he will end up being a good mayor, maybe a very good mayor. I think he is going to make New York great. He actually said some very nice things about me at a recent cocktail party I was told by somebody and I thought that was very nice”

  9. America has lost it’s sense of humor. That’s why big name comedians have stopped doing shows on college campuses. Some people are constantly offended and can’t lighten up.
    And G_d forbid we have a President who jokes around and has a flair for sarcasm. “But, but, it’s beneath the office of President” Well, maybe next time we will get someone who is a real riot like Jimmy Carter.

      1. Before the election Trump’s “demeanor” bothered the heck out of me. Somehow, after a couple of years of seeing what he does, and not just what he says, it doesn’t bother me anymore. In fact I get a kick out of it because it annoys the Lefties so much.

      2. Reagan was definitely accused of being incompetent, dumb, out of his depth, doddering, etc.

        Back then, the term, “acting presidential,” was not something the left pushed. Ever since their embarrassment over Clinton, they have been pushing it like crazy.

        People on the right need to get over it. An office that has held the likes of the Johnsons, Andrew and Lyndon, as well as witnessed the weekly adultery of JFK, and Clinton’s peccadillos can hardly be impugned by Trump tweets.

      3. Truth is, JFK and Reagan were both were both gentlemen. Trump is the stereotype of the brash, sarcastic New Yorker.

  10. Trump entertains me, makes me laugh. It’s a good thing to laugh. A merry heart does good like a medicine.

    1. Trump (when he takes all these hits and keeps on TICKIN’!) is personally very inspirational for me, and I’m not even a Trumper! (Trumpet…I don’t know, what’s the current term lol)

  11. Cmon Donald you could have at least praised the NY Yankees for winning the eastern division last night . They did it because Deblasio couldn’t interfere

  12. He has a point about the one guy trying to whistleblow on him. Others heard the conversation as well….crickets.

    The guy trying to whistleblow probably has an axe to grind. If not directly then because he’s one of the people that will do anything to get Trump out.

    1. I’m not exactly an expert on the subject but I do know in Israeli politics the coalition is everything. You need a majority of a 61 bloc out of the 120 parliamentary seats to gain control. There is never an “overwhelming unity” on anything, everyone has their own faction, their own party. But I think this article explains it well.

    2. Thanks K-Bob. I had heard an announcement on the news pushing the lie and wondered how that could be but hadn’t had the chance to research it.

  13. “I feel like I’ve contributed all I can to this primary election…” Is this what a lack of self-awareness looks like? Anyways, this “whistleblower” sounds more like an Obama or Swamp holdover; what surprises me is you have NTs like Allahpundit pushing this narrative as it were true. The POTUS can say whatever he wants to foreign leaders; now, Obama told Medvedev he was going to bend over after the 2012 election; which Obama did… look at Crimea.

    Now, is it illegal for Trump to ask Ukraine to look into Beau Biden’s SHADY deals? For Ukraine to investigate why VP Biden threatened the Ukrainian government to end the investigation on his son; otherwise, they would not get any US aid? Trump is likely going to make the media cover Biden’s Ukrainian deals… just wait for it.

  14. Watched Adam Carolla slap the whiny snowflakes back into their pajama bottoms the other night. He’s not taking any of this politically correct crap & laughing while doing it.

    1. That YouTube link is HILARIOUS!! daisy mae; I have shared it everywhere – lots of joy and laughter for all. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  15. Blowhole never made it inside the Dems clown car, but he has managed to get kicked to the curb like a San Francisco turd.

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