Trump ‘orders’ companies to leave China and the stock market PLUNGES

After questioning whether the Fed Chairman is a bigger enemy than Chairman Xi of China, Trump ripped into China and ordered American companies to leave communist country:

Ok first of all, we know Trump can’t just go ordering private companies around. That’s not how our constitutional republic works. But he can bully those who refuse his ‘order’ by making them subject to new tariffs in his trade war. And with Trump’s trade-war history of pushing high tariffs on even our allies, this is surely an ‘order’ that companies must take seriously. It would be a terrible precedent if he began singling out companies and punishing them this way. It certainly wouldn’t be very American and I would hope that should this actually happen, Congress would take matters into their own hands and restrict Trump’s ability to do this.

Now I’m not saying he will do this, but the threat is implicit in the ‘ordering’ of companies to leave China. If Obama were to have said this, we’d be all over him for it and rightly so. I know Trump likes to ‘vent’ on Twitter, but he needs to tread carefully before he ends up with an election-level incident that could significantly diminish his hopes of winning next year.

As a result of these tweets by Trump, the stock market has fallen almost 500 points. Seems they aren’t to keen on all this either.

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