Trump overturns “nasty, jealous, not smart” NeverTrumpers Lowry, Hayes and more in Sunday SMACKDOWN

President Trump doesn’t mention which thing all the NeverTrumps did most recently that is deserving of wrath, but you have to think at least part of it was the pathetic column posted at National Review that has earned the mockery of MAGA twitter today.

That column on Roe v. Wade is titled “This Is Not Donald Trump’s Victory” and the tweet — well the tweet is just hilariously pathetic.

But President Trump doesn’t mention whether that played any part in his well-deserved total SMACKDOWN of NeverTrumps in general, who are being absolutely pathetic in the wake of the greatest conservative victory in 50 years.

I listen to all of these foolish (stupid!) people, often living in a bygone era, like the weak and frail RINO, Peggy Noonan, who did much less for Ronald Reagan than she claims, and who actually said bad things about him and his ability to speak, or Rich Lowry, who has destroyed the once wonderful and influential National Review, the pride and joy of the legendary William F. Buckley, or George Will, whose mind is decaying with hatred and envy before our very eyes, or Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Hayes, two people who are finally out of the conversation and of no relevance whatsoever. Where do these people come from? They have no idea what the MAGA movement is, and even less of an understanding of America First, which is necessary, and even vital, to save our Country. People like these are nasty, jealous, not smart, and of no use to the potential greatness of our Country. They talk, they criticize, and they complain, but they don’t have the ability or talent to get anything done. They are shortsighted “losers”, and will never understand what it takes to Make America Great Again!


David French didn’t make the cut for these cutting remarks, but I’d had to leave out this trashy column he wrote bashing conservatives for being big meanies about the victory over Roe that many of us thought would never come for decades until Trump came along and told us it could happen. And it did.

I’ll spare you the click by telling you that the headline “Roe Is Reversed, and the Right Isn’t Ready” is subtitled “a movement animated by rage and fear isn’t ready to embrace life and love.”

Yeah. It’s that dumb.

I hope Trump never stops shoving this in their faces. Every day. Forever.

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