Trump PAC files ‘ethics’ complaint against DeSantis in latest Trump camp primary stunt

Donald Trump’s attacks on Ron DeSantis continue unabated and without circumspection or measure this week, and his allies are very on board for the circus.

The latest stunt is an “ethics” complaint worthy of any Democrat, which naturally NBC News and other hack left wing outlets love and are fawning over.

It’s funny how a Trump attack on DeSantis continues to be that the media likes him, even as they hang on Trump’s every negative word about the Florida governor.

From NBC News:

Make America Great Again Inc. is filing a 15-page complaint Wednesday with the Florida Commission on Ethics, a draft of which was obtained exclusively by NBC News.

It asks the commission to probe whether pro-DeSantis super PACs, his “personally lucrative book tour” and a continued wave of state-level campaign contributions, among other things, “are unlawful because they serve his personal political objectives, are in furtherance of his personal financial gain at the expense of Florida taxpayers, and are intended to influence his official decision to resign from office.”

It’s frivolous, which NBC finally notes buried down in the article, but then they turn right around on DeSantis by implying he’d interfere with it.

Trump’s allies face a tall order in getting the commission to investigate DeSantis, considering he appointed five of the nine members.

So to be clear, Trump and the far left media are on the same page again.

Hey if you don’t like my tone go tell it to Donny. He set it.

PS: Just saw this tweet and yep.


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