Trump paraphrases Moses, tells Maduro to set the Venezuelan people FREE!

Trump gave a big speech on Venezuela today, something that probably won’t be covered much in the media. Because he not only attacked Maduro and praised the Venezuelan people, he also attacked socialism.

After that he took to twitter to call Maduro out and tell him to give up power and restore freedom and democracy in his country:

Trump even paraphrased Moses from the time he was leading God’s people out of Egypt:

Here’s a great quote from Trump today on socialism during the speech:

And this one:

After eight years of Obama, hearing Trump say this is like music to my ears. Socialism needs to die.

Unfortunately too many Democrats in our country want us to go down the same road of Venezuela, and that’s why Trump’s speech won’t get much coverage in the media.

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33 thoughts on “Trump paraphrases Moses, tells Maduro to set the Venezuelan people FREE!

  1. This was great. I hope we can make Venezuela an ally once again, along with Brazil and all of SA. We will need to stand together against the Russia, China and Iran.


    Progressives believe they are helping to make the world “better” and in their holier-than-thou attitude did not care about the consequences of their actions.

    In the present time, much of California is turning into a 3rd world ghetto. You have the coastal elites and everybody else.

    They have created a one party state, own the politicians and have bought policies that favor them. They bring in illegals and foreign labor making themselves rich.

    They live behind gated walls in fabulously wealthy places like Atherton, Menlo Park, etc and have created a system that services them.

    Go outside of these areas like the central valley and you will think this is not America!

    Filth, garbage, deteriorating infrastructure and very few speak English.

    If you want to see h ell just look around San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles or even the suburbs, homeless everywhere housing costs have forced many onto the street, everywhere, s h I t in the streets, Typhus epidemic in Los Angeles, etc, etc. Cost of living is criminal/insane. And they encourage foreign invaders (illegal aliens) to break into our Republic and break our laws. There are now 15 million illegal aliens in the state draining resources and they have been given voting rights in San Francisco.

    Censorship and control freaks.
    If you don’t agree with them and voice your opinion, you will lose your job, be censored on the internet, be harassed, labeled as a (fill in the blank) and more.

    They call us “racist” when we want to build a wall while they hire bodyguards and build walls around their own homes so they don’t have to see it. They believe in “guilty till proven innocent”.

    They really do not care what they have wrought. They have their kingdom, their multiple homes and other riches at the expense of what was once a great place for American citizens to live.

    They created a tech industry but have no concern for the consequences of their actions.

    California has more people on welfare than any other state and at the same time has the most billionaires.

    The reality is that they created mid-evil empire where everybody else services them, the coastal elites.

    They have destroyed California.

    Yes, this is what progressives and tech have created.

  3. >> Trump: “Socialism is not about justice, it’s not about equality, it’s not about lifting up the poor…it’s about 1 thing only: power for the ruling class”

    “The more power they get, the more they crave. They want to run healthcare, transportation, finance, energy, education” << It’s long past time to make socialism a dirty word. Well done, Donald.

  4. “Democracy, democracy, democracy, democracy.”

    Venezuela got into its socialist state because of democracy. Ignorant people vote for socialism. More stuff, tax the rich, print the money, feed me, clothe me, house me, educate my kids, give me healthcare…

    Venezuela doesn’t need democracy. It needs the government to be slashed and private property rights to be sacred.

  5. “The more power they get, the more they crave. They want to run healthcare, transportation, finance, energy, education”

    Glad our Government doesn’t run any of those things /s.

  6. Yes, Socialism is terrible. Completely agree with that sentiment and that Venezuela needs real freedom. Still, it would be nice if we could better combat Socialism in our own country. It’s been slowly creeping in for a few years now and no one with the power to put an end to it, seems to care.

  7. It’s more fair to say that he’s paraphrasing Charlton Heston as it seems unlikely that he’s ever read Exodus.

  8. Trump: “Socialism is not about justice, it’s not about equality, it’s not about lifting up the poor…it’s about 1 thing only: power for the ruling class”
    “The more power they get, the more they crave. They want to run healthcare, transportation, finance, energy, education”

    I did not watch the speech, but I do find such irony & hypocrisy in the above statement. This is “exactly” what our very own govt does. They RUN our healthcare, transportation, finance, energy, education, insurance, and on & on.

  9. Just now got a chance to watch the full speech. Here it is, including Melania’s introduction:

    It was a very good speech, especially gaining steam towards the end. I know that too many people with TDS will pooh-pooh anything he says, but I found it quite aspirational.

  10. Simple choice for 2020:

    CAPITALISM or SOCIALISM… unfortunately, for many on the Right, their hatred of Trump will make them vote for Socialism or they’ll stay home.

  11. Hey, I found another source for THE WALL money:

    Report: Widespread National Food Stamp Fraud Totals at Least $1 Billion, Could Be as High as $4.7 Billion.

    According to a new report produced by the Government and Accountability Office (GAO), at least $1 billion in food stamp benefits are “trafficked annually,” meaning they are fraudulently used.

    The extent of the fraud is uncertain, the GAO warns, estimating the abuse of the program could be as high as $4.7 billion.

    About 20 million lower-income households receive benefits from the $64 billion Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also known as food stamps, to buy food.

    But Government and Accountability Office (GAO), found that instead of being used
    for food, many stores are defrauding the program by “selling” cash instead of food.

    “For example, a store might give a person $50 in exchange for $100 in benefits – then pocket the difference,” GAO explains.

    The Food Nutrition Service (FNS) within the U.S. Department of Agriculture oversees SNAP and is responsible for authorizing and overseeing retailers.

    The fraud, known as “retailer trafficking,” costs taxpayers at least $1 billion. However, the real cost could be “anywhere from $960 million to $4.7 billion,” the GAO adds.

    The Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA), a Washington, D.C.-based think tank advocating reform, launched a “Stop the Scam initiative” to raise awareness of the widespread problem.

    “Welfare fraud is one of the biggest untold stories of the last decade, robbing resources from the truly needy and eroding public trust in the integrity of our welfare programs,” Sam Adolphsen, vice president of executive affairs at FGA, said in a statement. “While the bad-actor food stamp retailers exposed in this GAO report are in part to blame, we must not lose sight of the accountability that falls upon the food stamp recipient willing to commit fraud and abuse the system.”

    The FGA hopes to reduce fraud and abuse at the state level by uncovering discrepancies in each state’s eligibility systems by regularly reviewing their processes.

    “Too few states take these crimes seriously, and both states and the federal government can do more on this front,” FGA maintains.

    The Government Accountability (FGA), published five recommendations for the Food Nutrition Service (FNS) to follow in order to crack down on SNAP fraud.

    Recommendation One:
    They include FNS adding retailer trafficking estimates in future reports, which it has not done.

    Recommendation Two:
    Likewise, FNS should readdress the factors it uses to identify stores for possible investigation, and evaluate the “accuracy of its assumption of the percentage of SNAP benefits that are trafficked by different types of stores,” the GAO states.

    Recommendation Three:
    Although FNS assigns a risk level to each store when it applies to participate in SNAP, it is not currently using this information to target its reauthorization activities to stores of greatest risk.

    Recommendation Four:
    “FNS currently reauthorizes all stores on the same 5-year cycle, regardless of risk, although its policy states that it will reauthorize certain high-risk stores annually,” GAO states.

    FNS officials said they planned to reauthorize a sample of high-risk stores each year but they NEVER did.

    Officials also stated that they did NOT document an analysis of the benefits and costs of this practice, “which would be consistent with leading fraud risk management practices,” GAO states.

    As a result, FNS does NOT have any practices in place to detect early oversight of stores to PREVENT fraud.

    Recommendation Five:
    Finally, GAO recommended that FNS should (a) “determine the appropriate scope and time frames for reauthorizing high-risk stores,” (b) increase penalties for retail traffickers, and (c) establish performance measures for its trafficking prevention activities.

    The Food, Conservation and Energy Act of 2008 gave the USDA the authority to strengthen penalties for retailers that commit fraud, but as of November 2018, FNS had not done so.

    “By failing to take timely action to strengthen penalties, FNS has not taken full advantage of an important tool for deterring trafficking,” GAO states.

    When the GAO confirms what actions FNS has taken in response to its recommendations, it plans to provide updated information to the public, the agency states. It states that the FNS generally agreed with its findings.

    The USDA/FNS did not respond to requests to comment for this story.

  12. I ask every member of the Maduro regime: End this nightmare of poverty, hunger and death. LET YOUR PEOPLE GO. Set your country free! Now is the time for all Venezuelan Patriots to act together, as one united people. Nothing could be better for the future of Venezuela!


  13. Meanwhile at our own southern boarders chaos, overwhelming attacks 24/7.

    President Trump always plays the long game, we have a great President when we needed one the most. After what we have been through, feels good witnessing Trump era the common sense truth fueled no hole bared honest conversation with us we the people, the once silent majority. Backbones are coming into fashion. Many Americans are sleeping sounder feeling better.

  14. This was an amazing heart-felt speech! Melania was beautiful when she spoke. I loved the Moses line.

    Pres knee-capped the dems socialism platform before they even get started. He drew a stark comparison between freedom & socialism.

  15. I like how he emphasizes the capitalism vs. socialism and freedom vs. oppression theme.
    Clearly also the idea going into 2020.

  16. That’s what 2020 needs to be about. Make the case. It’s long past time we had this fight.

  17. Didn’t hear it… won’t hear it. But Just from reading Scoops synopsis, I think it was a Good speech.

  18. But, but, but….it can work if done the correct way.
    That trope will continue to be said and will continue to gain a following. People are dumb because most of them can’t think 2 seconds ahead.

  19. Good speeches. Excellent Truth. He can’t negotiate worth a darn but he’s becoming a better speaker. Kudos.

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