Trump praises and defends Putin AGAIN, because Vladimir likes him…

Hillary Clinton got visibly angry at the questions she had to field at the NBC News Forum tonight, but Trump didn’t have as much trouble because he mostly agreed with all the terrible stuff Matt Lauer accused him of. In this video he cites Putin’s popularity as a reason for his being flattered by his praise:

Putin is supporting Iran and Assad, who is gassing his opponents, but Trump thinks this is all great as long as Putin calls him a genius. Proving again my thesis that Trump is an infant who never developed past the age of three – he can’t possibly contemplate liking or disliking someone apart from whether they praise or deride him personally.

That includes a guy who has helped out terrorist supporting countries, and who assassinates journalists and political opponents when they get in his way. All of that is OK, as long as he’s popular, in Trump’s mind. And people want to make this insane maniac the president of the most powerful country on Earth?!

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