Trump PROMISES an ‘EXCITING’ announcement at the State of the Union…

El Trumpo hinted that he is going to make the announcement of a national emergency at the State of the Union.

Watch below:

It would definitely be a spectacle if he did this at the state of the union. But on the other hand, he’s made these kinds of promises before to raise expectations, heighten the coverage, then flaked out on it. All a part of the 538th level chess game.

El Scoopo and I don’t agree on this one. I think it’s a really bad idea to expand the powers of the executive so that the next time a Democrat gets into the oval office they can abuse it too. And why does Trump think he has to go this route? Because the Democrats won the House of Representatives. Well, why are we so eager for the president to ignore the will of the people when an election doesn’t go our way? Isn’t that what we keep accusing the Democrats of doing?

I just think it’s a bad idea all around. Especially when we could toss a lot of money into border security without a wall and get the same results, if not better ones. I do however, recognize that my opinion on this issue is not popular on this site, so I’ll end for those who scan the headline, don’t read the content, and just skip to the comments with a #MAGA!!!!

Update: Here’s the video of the entire round of questions from reporters.

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